Best Games Like Klondike Adventures For Android & iOS

Looking for the games similar to Klondike Adventures to play on Android & iOS devices? Read on for the best games like Klondike Adventures for mobile

Klondike Adventures is a popular farming game where you harvest crops, build facilities, explore lots of regions, and there are many things to do. If you loved that game, you might want to play games like this. We have tried our best and compiled a list of games like Klondike Adventures for mobile. So without any further ado, let’s get started and find the Klondike Adventures alternatives.

List Of Best Games Like Klondike Adventures: –

Following is the list of games similar to the Klondike Adventures for Android & iOS: –

Zombie Castaways

Games Like Klondike AdventuresZombie Castaways is the best game like Klondike Adventures. It’s the game from the developers who published the Klondike Adventures game on Google Play Store. We would say that Klondike Adventures is the clone of Zombie Castaways with a zombie theme. It was released back in 2016 – earlier than the Klondike Adventures release. Speaking of the gameplay, it plays in portrait mode where you explore a lot of areas, grind the items, completes the orders, and build the farm.

Family Island Adventures

Games Like Klondike AdventuresFamily Island is another one of the best games like Klondike Adventures. In this game, you help the family survive on the island. You can harvest the crops, pet the animals, there are lots of islands to explore – also, there are events with special challenges to complete. It plays in portrait mode just like the Klondike Adventures game. NPCs give you quests to complete for generous rewards. The graphics are great. There is an energy system that you might not like.

Funky Bay

Games Like Klondike AdventuresFunky Bay from BELKA GAMES is another similar game to Klondike Adventures where you enjoy farming on a tropical island. You will get to explore the undiscovered regions, build farm beds, harvest crops, build facilities for farming, complete the quests & events, and much more. There are animals to pet and feed and build a zoo. It offers great graphics and gameplay.

Trade Island

Trade Island by Game Insight gives you the feel of Klondike Adventures. You will start building the farm on the island; grow crops, sell them for profit, invest in infrastructure and build facilities for the residents, develop the town, explore the mysterious areas, and there is a lot more to do. It plays in the portrait mode and has decent graphics, gameplay that you will love for sure.

Polynesia Adventure

Games Like Klondike AdventuresPolynesia Adventure is among the top best games like Klondike Adventures where you embark on a wonderful journey and explore the different worlds. There you get to build the farm business; growing crops, building the farm facilities, selling the items for currency, and much more. There are hidden areas to discover, facilities to unlock, and challenging missions to complete.

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