Games Like LifeAfter (Android & iOS) 2020

Looking for the games like LifeAfter? Find out the alternative games like LifeAfter to play on Android & iOS devices 2020

Games Like LifeAfterLifeAfter is a popular survival MMORPG with quality gameplay like grinding the resources in different-different maps, finding out the chests, fighting mercenaries and zombies, building the manor, participating in the camp events and fights, and much more. Published by NetEase games, LifeAfter is the game, which is unique and offers premium-quality gameplay experience. So, it was hard for us to find out the games like LifeAfter. We did our best and listed a bunch of games like LifeAfter. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main content.

Games Like LifeAfter: –

Following is the list of games like LifeAfter to play on Android & iOS –

Code Name: Live

Well, this game is yet to be released globally. It’s been in development under the same studio that built PUBG mobile. It’s already available in China(Beta) and expected to be released in SEA countries or Globally(Beta) this year. We will let you know once there is an official confirmation on the release date.

Last Island of Survival

Last Island of Survival by HK Hero Entertainment is a great game like LifeAfter. Although, not all the functions are there from LifeAfter – still, it’s a great option. In the game, you will get to build the shelter by yourself. Crafting the weapons, gathering the items, raiding and looting the players’ base, etc. are some of the great features of this title.

Utopia: Origin

Utopia: Origin is a cartoon-style game – with similar functions like LifeAfter (survival MMORPG). The game takes you a fantasy island environment with lots of maps – you will get to build the house, tame lots of animals, explore the locations and grind the items required to craft weapons, facilities, etc. for survival.


Outlander is a new survival game like LifeAfter – with RPG elements. It offers classic survival gameplay experience; for example – gathering the items from the environment and crafting things to make survival easy. You will build the weapons to fight the enemies in dangerous areas. As of publishing this article, this one is in beta and might get more function updates in the future.

So that’s all in the article on games like LifeAfter.

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