Gerald Codes Roblox(NEW! November 2020)

Looking for the Gerald codes Roblox to grab freebies? Find out an updated and complete list of all new Gerald Codes Roblox 2020 NEW!

Gerald Codes Roblox

Gerald Codes Roblox

Here’s the list of Gerald codes Roblox as of November 2020: –

  • RELEASE: with this redeem code, players will get free 50 gems without any cheats

Copy Gerald Codes Roblox: –

RELEASE: with this redeem code, players will get free 50 gems without any cheats


How To Redeem Gerald Codes?

⇒To redeem the Gerald code, click on the Twitter icon, which is on the left side of the game screen. After that, input the code – all active codes are listed above; try them. Once that’s done, hit the redeem button and get the rewards. Based on the current record, most of these promo codes give free gems or other in-game items for free. Devs like to giveaway free rewards through these codes.

How To Get Gerald Codes?

⇒For new Gerald codes, we would suggest you following the Discord, YouTube, Twitter profiles created by the developers of the game.

Gerald Codes Roblox

About Gerald

Gerald game is published by Team Under The Bed. Game Descirption: –

Gerald sees you. Gerald hears you. Gerald is coming for you…

A fast-paced, round-based, survival game set in a mind-bending dream world; Gerald is the most intense game of hide and seek you will ever play.

UPDATE 0.1 : New Skins (Found in Gerald’s Closet Chest), New Traps, Chest Tickets Removed, New Chapter 1 Ending Cutscene!

😳 Run & Hide from Gerald
👿 Solve the many puzzles in Gerald’s dream crafted world
👹 Escape Gerald, before he puts you into a sleep you cannot escape…

Other Roblox Codes: –

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