Giblins: Fantasy Builder Is A New Castle Building Game For Mobile

Giblins: Fantasy Builder is a new mobile game by Behaviour Interactive where you build the castle of your dreams and go through amazing activities

Behaviour Interactive, the mobile gaming publisher, has just released a brand new mobile game called Giblins: Fantasy Builder where you can build the castle of your dreams. The game’s size is around 270 MB and it is available to download from Google Play Store. In the game, you, with the help of Giblins, mine in the excavation sites and grind the crafting materials that you sell to the customers for XP and gold. As you level up in the game, new buildings, expansion area, etc. gets unlocked.

Giblins: Fantasy Builder Launches On Mobile

Giblins are the main characters in Giblins: Fantasy Builder game. With the help of them, you can mine the resources in the excavation sites and earn money by selling these RSS to the people who wants these resources. Completing their orders will give XP and gold coins. XP helps you level up in the game unlock new facilities like a tavern, spa, banquet hall, hatchery, blacksmith, etc.

Speaking of gold coins, you can use them in building and upgrading these facilities. Other than gold coins, eggs, the gem is the premium in-game currency in Giblins game that you can use to speed-up the building/upgrading tasks.

The graphics, animations, characters are amazing. Although, the gameplay is a bit slow. Have you ever played farming games on mobile? Like you wait for the resources to get produced by the animal in these mobile farm games, you will wait for Giblins to finish the mining. It’s pretty much a farming game with a castle/mining theme.

You will assign the Giblins in the mine to produce resources, complete the orders, quests to earn money/XP, unlock and expand the castle/base. At the time of writing this post, it’s in beta – there might be some changes in the future updates.

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