Goddess of Genesis Guide: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Goddess of Genesis is a gacha RPG with turn-based strategy gameplay. Get started with this Goddess of Genesis guide that covers the basic tips & tricks

Goddess of GenesisGoddess of Genesis Guide, Tips & Tricks

This GoG guide covers the core concepts of the game related to heroes, their growth, game progression, currencies, etc.

The Initial Rerolls

Like all other gacha RPGs out there, you must reroll in Goddess of Genesis game and get the top-tier SSR grade hero in the beginning. SSR grade heroes are the rarest ones and hard to get – thanks to the drop rate. As a newbie, getting an SSR grade hero at the start gives you a heads up in the game. If you don’t know how to reroll, here’s a quick reroll guide: –

Reroll Guide

This is for Android. There are two ways to reroll in Goddess of Genesis game; the first one is by using multiple accounts. And, the second one is by resetting the game data. In the first method, you have to log in to the GoG with a social media account or Google account. In the second method, you have to log in to the game with a guest account. Once you are logged in, follow the tutorial and complete the Act 1; 1-1 stage. At this stage, the tutorial ends. Check the mailbox and you will get the 10 golden tickets. Navigate yourself to the summon center menu. On the right side, of the summon menu, you will see the list of banners offering gears and heroes. While rerolling, you need to select “summon heroes” banner, which lets you use the 10 golden tickets(destiny carrots).

There are also other banners, but they would require genesis tarot tickets, which you don’t have. Throw all the tickets in that pool and get the 10 heroes. You have to aim for at least one SSR and SR grade hero from this draw. The three heroes that we recommend to reroll in Goddess of Genesis game are Dracula, Valkyrie, Isabella. SSR grade; Dracula or Isabella. SR; Valkyrie. Check out this GoG Tier List for more info.

If you get the heroes that you were looking for, continue playing the game. In case, you don’t, then reroll. If you were following the first method, you will have to sign out from the current account and then sign in with another to start again from scratch. Those who were following the second method must clear the game’s data from settings to reset the guest account and start again. That’s how you reroll in Goddess of Genesis.

Goddess of Genesis Progression Guide

After rerolling, the next thing you need to do is focus on raising the team level so that more game modes can be unlocked. To raise the team level, you need team EXP, which you will earn by doing the quests and completing/blitzing the stages in the adventure mode. From the adventure mode, you will earn stars(to unlock new acts), gold, hero awakening material, gears, and other material items. Players can play this game mode in normal and elite mode – each stage gives you three stars. When you complete a stage with 3-stars, the game lets you use the blitz function that allows you to complete that stage instantly and get the rewards.


In the challenge modes, you can farm in-game currencies and gears.

  • Astral Shore – you can get gears from this mode
  • Slime Trove – farm gold coins here
  • Grand Cook-Off – level up items
  • Phantom of the Opera – farm pact gifts
  • Arcane Trial – Mithril Coins
  • Dream Chronicle – farm rare items
  • Elemental Tower – get badges
  • Timed-Challenge – perk materials and other rewards
  • Events – complete the events for rewards


PvP arena is the mode where you battle other teams created by other real players. From this mode, you will earn the honor points and starstones. Honor points can be used in the shop to buy gear packs, destiny tarots, etc.

In-Game Currencies Guide

Goddess of Genesis game has a lot of currencies that are used in different activities.

  • Gold Coins – use in the shop or hero upgrades. Obtain from the story mode, events, and shop
  • Honor Points – use in the honor shop to shop items. Obtain from PvP battles
  • Fame – use in the fame shop for level up items and cards. Obtain from friends as a gift
  • Crystals – use in the crystal shop for gear packs; weapon, armor, helmet, etc. Obtain by dismantling SR-grade gears
  • Sage Stones – dismantle SSR-grade gears to obtain sage stones
  • Stardust – dismantle low-grade gears to obtain stardust. Use in the Stardust shop for gold, gear packs, etc.
  • Amber – obtain from the manual when you collect the heroes. Use in the memory shop for SSR grade gear packs, etc.

Heroes GuideGoddess of Genesis

Goddess of Genesis features more than a dozen heroes available in three grades; SSR, SR, and R. SSR grade heroes are the best ones to invest in. You can acquire heroes from the summoning portal.

Hero Classes

  • Guardian – Tank
  • Warrior – Melee DMS
  • Mage – CC, DMG
  • Assassin – DMG
  • Ranger – Long-Ranged
  • Priest – Supporters, Healers

Navigate yourself to the hero display screen and in the top-left, you will see the class icon. Or on the hero profile page, tap the overview button -> profile -> there you can check the hero’s class and element.

Hero Elements

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Dark

Earth element heroes unleash more damage to water element units. Water element heroes unleash more damage to fire element units. And, fire element heroes unleash more damage to earth element units. Light and Dark element heroes unleash bonus damage to each other.

Improving The Power

  • Level up the heroes with food items
  • Awaken the heroes – obtain items from story mode
  • Gear up items and upgrade/ascend them – you can get gears from the shop(exchange currencies) or farm gears in the challenge game mode
  • Use artifacts
  • Unlock/Activate perks

You can get all these options in the heroes menu of GoG.

Battle Guides & StrategyGoddess of Genesis

GoG allows us to build a team of up to five members. You can adjust the team before the fight. After selecting the stage, tap the prepare button in the bottom-left corner. We would advise you to have a balanced set up of team; DPS(to inflict DMG to opponents), Tank(to shield allies or soak damage), and Supporters(healing, CC skills). DPS; assassin, rangers. Tank – Guardians. Supporters or CC; Mage, Priest. You can read the hero profile in the hero display menu of the game. Make sure to check their ability info as it shows the main strength of them. If you don’t know the hero skills, you would not be able to use him/her wisely. You can read this tier list to check the best heroes.

Element Bonus – make sure to keep the element bonus in mind while preparing the formation. For example – if the enemy’s element is “Fire”, then water-element heroes will inflict more damage. You can read the hero element guide above. On the battle preparation screen, on the top-right corner, below the gear icon, tap the element ball to check the element bonuses.

Few More Tips

  • Do the dailies to level up quickly
  • Do the event missions
  • Join a guild Dispatch heroes on mercenary missions
  • Join the GoG community on FB, Reddit & Discord to keep an eye on updates and codes(gift codes can be entered on the player info page – tap the hero avatar in the top-left corner)
  • Add friends and send gift daily

So that’s all for now in this Goddess of Genesis guide for beginners. Share more tips & tricks in comments.

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