Best Golf Games For Android & iOS 2020

Whether you are looking for the best offline golf game or best golf game with online multiplayer mode, we have got you covered. Check out the best golf games

We have been covering golf games for a while now. In this post, we have shared the best ones that we think you might love. This golf games list features offline, as well as online multiplayer games. The offline ones are free-to-play; you would not need to spend any penny on the game. Speaking of the online multiplayer golf games, they might not be free-to-play friendly as most of them feature premium clubs, balls that you can use in the battles for extra stats. Of course, you would be able to progress – but, you will have to rely on the free packages – that’s typically a freemium thing where you spend money and progress fast. We have tried our best and listed the top best golf games for Android & iPhone iOS! So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content.

Best Golf Games For Android & iOS

Following is the list of offline golf games and online multiplayer golf games that you can download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store: –


Best Golf Games Android iPhone iOSMonogolf is an offline golf game that is available on Android & iOS for free; you can download it from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It’s a simple game where you aim and shot the ball to the hole. Well, it’s simple to play – but hard to master. There are lots of challenging levels where you will have to think a lot to shot the ball to the hole – avoiding all the obstacles and challenges. The levels are crafted beautifully. They are very challenging and you will have a lot of fun passing them. Additionally, it lets you create levels with the level editor.

Golf Extreme

Best Golf Games Android iPhone iOSGolf Extreme is another offline game for Android & iOS. It features three game modes; quick shot, world tour, and 5 ball challenge. The gameplay is pretty simple; all you do is flick the ball. You will get to control the ball’s navigating in the air by swiping on the mobile screen. It challenges you to put the ball in the hole in one click. In some of the scenarios, you will have to keep the wind effect in mind. The golf courses it features are beautiful.

Golf Clash

Best Golf Games Android iPhone iOSGolf Clash is one of the most popular golf games out there on Android & iOS. You will enjoy the duel matches in real-time where you are matched with a random player. The golf match proceeds turn-by-turn where you will have to play each turn carefully so that you can beat the opponent by putting the ball in the hole asap. There would be many challenges; aiming, accuracy, wind weather affect, etc.

Golf Challenge

Best Golf Games Android iPhone iOSGolf Challenge is just like the golf clash with a little better graphics. It features real-time duel golf matches where you will be challenged by another random player to get the ball in the hole. As you win the matches, you will gain trophies and the rank will go up in the leaderboards. Keep winning the trophies and climb up to the top leagues and match with pro players. It’s a simple golf game where you strike the ball when the needle is at the perfect point. You will have to keep a lot of things in mind; the strength of the hit, direction, accuracy, club, wind, etc.

Golf Rival

Best Golf Games Android iPhone iOSGolf Rival is an online multiplayer golf game that plays in portrait mode. You will be matched with other players in real-time and try to put the ball in the hole before the opponent knocks you off. It has nice graphics, challenging gameplay, easy-to-play, wind affect system, lots of clubs and balls to collect and try.

Golf Blitz

Best Golf Games Android iPhone iOSThis one is pretty different from all the golf games listed here – thanks to the unique golf courses where up to four players clash against each other to put the ball in the hole. There are lots of balls with unqiue skills to try. The graphics are great, the gameplay is challenging, fun, and addictive.

Well, most of the online golf games on Android & iOS are P2W. If you want complete f2p gameplay, play the offline ones. In online type, we recommend golf clash, golf rival, or golf blitz.

So this would be all in this post on the best golf games for Android & iPhone iOS 2020.

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