Granny Legend: Home Defense Launches On Google Play Store

Granny Legend: Home Defense is a brand new Tower-Defense game for mobile by Fastone Games where Granny and Grandpa team up to defend the treasure

Fastone Games, the publisher of Granny Legend, Hello Stars, Hello Cats games has just released a brand new mobile game called Granny Legend: Home Defense. It’s a TD/Tower-Defense game featuring over 20 unique characters – all with the different abilities. It plays in a portrait mode – without an internet connection.

Granny Legend: Home Defense Released!

Speaking of gameplay, like all other TD games, In Granny Legend: Home Defense, you will strategically use the heroes/characters to defend the treasure that enemies are aiming for. As you start the battle, enemies come out of the tree trunk and move forward to the treasure chest. Your goal is to protect it at all cost.

The player is free to deploy the heroes on the slots. They will attack the monsters when in range. Unlike other TD games, Granny Legend: Home Defense is pretty fun, simple, and addictive. You don’t need to manage a lot of things in the battle. Just place the characters and let them unleash their skills.

You will progress through the stages with increasing difficulty and face unqiue enemies with unique strength. Some of them are fast, while some are tough to beat. Strategically deploying the heroes based on the enemy’s strength/weakness is a key to the victory. From the stages, you will get the gold coins and green gems. You can use the gold coins in upgrading the heroes so that they can kill the monsters easily and quickly. It’s important as every new stage brings powerful waves of enemies.

Green Gems – you can use these gems in buying the treasure chests containing cards. Hero cards are used for evolving – when a hero evolves, he/she gets a massive power boost.

There are hundreds of stages to complete! Can you beat them all?

So this would be all in this post on Granny Legend: Home Defense game overview.

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