Guardian Tales Is A New RPG For Android By Kakao Games

Guardian Tales is a new pixel RPG for mobile by Kakao Games where you follow the adventurous story of the guardians and build characters squad

So the game starts with an intersting story. First, you get doomed by an unexpected attack from the monster. And, at that time, one of the commanders alert the guardians and instruct to set up a defense – but the attacks from the monster strike again and they all get doomed. Somehow, a fairy character saves the guardian life and takes him to the ground-dungeon where the game begins the tutorial.

In the tutorial, you are gonna learn how to navigate the character, then you will get a sword to attack the devil monsters. And, at the end of the tutorial story, the big monster takes the life of characters; except one, who resurrects them and trap the monster with chains. And, then they manage to escape using the teleportation technique.

But the monster chases them down and hurt again! After that, you will have to log in to the game using Facebook, Google, Apple (iOS)or you can play as a guest.

Guardian Tales – Pixel RPG

It’s a pretty good game; the graphics are great, the story is awesome, and the gameplay is simple to understand. You will love this game. There are over 40 heroes to collect. They have roles like supporters, ranged attackers, warrior, etc. You will be able to build the squad of four heroes of different roles.

In Guardian Tales, players progress through the world mode – adventure mode, where you are gonna kill the monsters, their boss, and hunt the treasure. Along with that, there is a real-time PvP mode, guild mode, and dungeon mode. So the content is great.


It does not contain Ads. IAPs are there. You can buy the gems with real money and spend on costumes, gold, stamina, summons, etc. You can use the gold for equipment, and other items in the shop.


Download Guardian Tales APK

In our opinion, it’s a pretty good game to play.

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