Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder Tips & Tricks: Cheats, Guide, Strategies

Get started with this Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder guide featured with loads of tips, cheats & tricks to help you make Miku’s concerts popular and wild

Ateam Inc., well-known for Unison League and Revue Starlight RE LIVE games, recently published the English/Global version of Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder on Android & iOS platforms. As a player, you will help Miku gain more popularity by performing in normal and super concerts. If you are new to the game, then this post is for you. We have shared Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder cheats, tips & tricks with a beginner’s guide to getting started in this game. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide!

Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder Tips, Cheats & Guide

Hatsune Miku Tap WonderBasics – “Cheer Power” is the common currency in Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder that you gain by completing the concerts. You will need cheer power to raise the level of Miku and figurines. At the top-center of the game screen, you can check the concert stage – below the stage number, there is a voltage bar that needs to be filled to finish the current concert and proceed to the next one. After a certain number of normal concerts, you will be able to perform at a super concert. Super Concerts have a time limit – when performing in the super concerts, you will see a timer below the voltage bar at the top-center of the screen. You must fill the voltage bar to complete the concert and move to the next stage.

Raise Your Voltage Power

Voltage – the more voltage/VPS you have, the faster you can complete the concerts. The two main ways to raise the VPS/Voltage in Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder are by leveling up Miku and Figurines. Leveling up Miku increases the “tap voltage” – when you tap on the concert screen, you generate voltage – the voltage bar at the top-center of the concert screen fills up as you generate the voltage.

Figurines, on the other hand, generate voltage per second – based on their level -automatically.

Tap the “mic” / voice adjustment button in the bottom-left menu list -> there you can upgrade Miku/player’s level and increase the tap voltage. It costs cheer power to level up Miku. You earn cheer power by doing the concerts, watching the video ads, etc.

Tap the “figurines” button(the second one) in the bottom-left menu list to open the figurines menu -> there you can check the list of figurines characters and improve their level with cheer power.

Rainbow Stars Cheat Tips

Hatsune Miku Tap WonderKeep an eye on the concert screen and you will often see a big rainbow star passing by. Tap on the rainbow star to get free rewards – sometimes, you need to watch the video ads to claim the free reward.

Costumes And Set Effects In Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder

Players can equip headset, dress, wand, tone, and light type costumes and stuff to Miku. The higher the quality of these costume gears, the more buffs you get; like an increase in cheer power, voltage power, etc. Navigate yourself to the “costume” menu of the game by tapping the dress button on the bottom menu list -> there you can select the costumes for Miku. Tap on the “sets and effects” button to see the sets; equipping all the costumes from a certain set activates the set bonus. So, make sure to get the advantage of this bonus. You will get costumes by clearing the concerts.

Use The Skills In Super Concert

Miku, the main character in the game, have active skills that player can cast when needed. To cast Miku’s skills, you need energy, which replenishes every few minutes. At the bottom of the game screen, you can check the energy and skill buttons. Tap on the skill button to cast it. Each skill works differently. So make sure to read its description. Go to the “mic” menu -> there you can check Miku’s skills – upgrade the skills, unlock the skills, etc.

Build The Skill Tree In Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder

Hatsune Miku Tap WonderPlayers playing the Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder game can activate the skills and get permanent bonuses. Go to the “Mic” / voice adjustment menu -> tap on the skill tree button to open the skill tree menu -> there you will find four skill trees; Originality, Warmath, Solidness, and Power. As a player, you can distribute skill points in these skill sets and get the corresponding buffs.

Skill Tree Guide

  • Originality – invest skill points in this tree to improve voltage
  • Warmth – invest in this skill tree to improve figurines’ voltage power
  • Solidness – invest in this skill tree to get buffs related to more cheer power, increase in energy recovery-rate(energy is required to cast active skills of Miku), more rainbow stars, etc.
  • Power – to increase pet’s voltage power

How To Get Skill Points

Skill Points are obtained from the “Re-Stage” function. The number of skill points you receive from re-staging depends on the stages that you have cleared so far in the game. Every 50 stages in the game, you earn x1 skill point. For example – reach the 50th stage to get 1 skill point, reach the 100th stage to get one more skill point, then 150th, 200, 250, 300, and so on. To claim the skill points, you must re-stage.

Re Stage In Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder

Re Stage function resets the current progress(cheer power, stage, figurines, active skills) – but, give you skill points and memory fragments. Go to the “mic” / voice-adjustment tab of the game and scroll down to the bottom -> re-stage. Check the rewards that you will get upon confirming. The more stages you clear, the more rewards you get. We recommend re staging when you are earning enough skill points(x1 or x2) and memory to import new expansions or upgrade the existing ones.

Pets And Their Level

Navigate yourself to the pet menu of the game -> tap the gift button to claim the pet box and get the pets. (You get a pet box after every certain hours). When you get the pet that you already have, its level will increase. Select the pet to activate its perk; more cheer power, voltage, etc.

Memory And Expansions

Players can perform re stage and get the memory, which is one of the currencies in the Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder. Players can exchange memory to get the “expansions”. Expansions bring new and great effects; more voltage power, cheer power, etc. Go to the last second tab of the menu list; Expansions – there you can import and install the expansions. Or, upgrade the existing ones. If you don’t have memory, restage. But, do it at the right time – the more progress you do, the more rewards you acquire from re stage.

Jewels In Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder

Jewel is the magical currency in the game that you can obtain from log-in bonuses, passport missions, as a gift, and the stage bonuses. You can use jewels in the shop to buy pets and extra skills.

So that’s all for now in this post on Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder guide, tips, cheats, and tricks for beginners. Do you have more cheats, tips, tricks, codes to share? Comment below.

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