Hellrider 3 Launches On Google Play Store

One of the brutal bike racing games series expansion Hellrider 3 has just been published by Anji Games on Google Play Store. Hellrider 3 game offers bike-race action gameplay

Anji Games, the mobile game publisher, well-known for Hellrider game series, has just expanded the portfolio with a brand new release called Hellrider 3. It plays in landscape mode where you will be driving on the deadly tracks; you might get bombed, watch out for meteor falling from the sky, obstacles, traps, power-ups – the ride would not be easy – it might be the last one that could steer you to the HELL!

Hellrider 3 Is Now Out On Google Play Store

At the time of writing this post, it seems to be in the soft-launch release. We have shared the Google Play Store download link below; check if the game is available in your region or not. Speaking of gameplay, it has multiple game modes. You will be driving a stunning bike on the road. But, that would not be a normal ride. Wraiths, demons, deadly cars will be following you now and then. You will have to dodge the obstacles, bombs, meteors, enemies and complete all the challenges, missions to progress. The controls are pretty simple; you tap on the left/right side of the screen to navigate.

There are multiple game modes to play; endless mode, story/race mode. There are lots of bikes to buy; you start with the DEADHEAD bike. Other bikes are Cop, Lollipop, Retro, Skull, Jumper, Revenger, etc. Some have more ammo, while some have better HP.

You can improve the game by investing in skills such as speed, aim, damage, shield, nitro, sustainability, etc. All this would cost coins. You can collect coins from the race. As you race and help dwellers, your heroism level will raise and you will get access to a new race, events from where you might get better rewards.

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