Hero Factory Is A New Idle RPG For Mobile By PlayHard Lab

PlayHard/Lab, the publisher of Redbros game, has just released a brand new game called Hero Factory on Google Play Store. Read on for Hero Factory game overview

Hero Factory GameHero Factory is a fun idle RPG where you produce the heroes to fight the powerful enemies in the battle mode. You have the factories to produce the heroes – you can upgrade the factories to send more heroes and slay down the evil monsters in no time. As you kill these monsters, you will get the gold that you can use in production line upgrades. The graphics and gameplay of Hero Factory game are quite good and you are gonna fall in love with this game if you love playing the Idle games.

Hero Factory Game Launches On Google Play Store

If you are interested in this game, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. It features the Idle game mechanics where heroes fight the bosses on their own. You can increase the numbers, make them stronger with the gears, and smash down the elite monsters who are hard to kill. Hero Factory game features a variety of types of heroes like a foot soldier, archers, mage, lancer, gunner, and many more.

You can send them on the vacation expedition and raise their stats.

There are unqiue magical skills that you will need to use strategically; at the right time to inflict massive damage or other effects on the enemy. Speaking of monetization, it has ads and IAPs  – like most of the idle games.

It’s a fun little game with easy to understand mechanics.

So this would be all in this post on Hero Factory game overview.

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