Heroes War: Counterattack Is A New RPG By Com2Us

Heroes War: Counterattack has just been released for Android on Google Play Store by Com2Us. Heroes War: Counterattack is a turn-based RPG where you team with the characters in an intense survival battle to crush the whole enemy squad as soon as possible

The game’s size is around 1 GB. And, at the time of writing this post, the app is available in Thailand Google Play Store. Speaking of gameplay, Heroes War: Counterattack game features the turn-based battles where two squad clash and use their skills and try to crush each other. You will get to set up the squad of different heroes with unique abilities and progress through the PvE modes and fight other players in PvP game modes. The graphics, animations, controls, music/sound stuff is great.

Heroes War: Counterattack Launches On Google Play Store

Heroes War CounterattackThere are several new things in the battle system if you compare it with normal turn-based strategy games where you just tap the skill button and that’s it. In this game, you can move your character with the joystick in the bottom-left corner within a specific range – some of the active skills only work when the enemies in the attack range. If not in range, you would not be able to unleash the skills. All the heroes have unqiue active skills that you can cast on their turn.

As the battle progresses, their rage goes up and you will get to unleash a super ultimate skill. The bottom-center of the battle screen shows the timeline of turns, right-corner displays the skills, right-side displays the rage skills. There are over 30 heroes classified into four roles; tank, ranged-attackers, melee DPS, scholars/supporters.

It has PvE game modes where you fight the monsters in campaign/adventure and other game modes to grind EXP, currencies, gears for heroes, etc. There is a PvP mode to clash with other players and top the leaderboard. So far, it seems to be a good game. It’s not a review – just the first impressions. The English Global version is yet to be released.

So this would be all in this post on Heroes War: Counterattack game overview.

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