Heroic Expedition By DHGAMES Is Now Out!

DHGAMES has finally released Heroic Expedition on Android & iOS Platforms. It’s a classic Idle RPG where you build a team of heroes to fight enemies!Heroic Expedition

Heroic Expedition⇓

From the creators of Idle Heroes, Heroic Expedition is the latest idle RPG on mobile where you progress through the adventure mode, packed with a dozen of chapters. Unlike Idle Heroes, which is played in landscape mode, Heroic Expedition plays in portrait mode. Speaking of gameplay, it’s just like other Idle RPGs. The battles are automatic/idle, all you need to do is assign and choose the heroes wisely in the team.

You will start by signing up with Google or Facebook or Gamecenter/Apple account. Then, you will proceed through a tutorial(you can not skip the tutorial). And, after that, you will progress through the adventure mode that features a ton of stages with increasing difficulty. As you proceed further, you will encounter powerful enemies. So don’t forget to power up the heroes through leveling, equipment, and other upgrades.

As you clear the stages, you will unlock some new facilities such as expedition, arena, lunar tavern, minas ruins, training camp, nether wold gate, runestone, mirror space, market, prayer pool. planetarium, genesis Midgard, etc.

There are also resource buildings that you can construct and yield resources such as gold, elixir, and gem. You can also decorate the manor with decorative facilities like altar, footpath, fence, wall, and statues.

There is a tribe/guild function as well.

The graphics are nice, the gameplay is idle, there are lots of heroes to collect and develop, and plenty of content to unlock.

So that’s all we got in this Heroic Expedition overview. If you are new, make sure to redeem these Heroic Expedition codes.

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