Hit The Bank: Life Simulator Released On Android & iOS

Hit The Bank: Life Simulator is a brand new simulation game for Android and iOS. Hit The Bank: Life Simulator is published by Ninja Publishing

Hit The Bank Life SimulatorNinja Publishing, the mobile game publisher(100 Doors game series), has recently released a brand new game called Hit The Bank: Life Simulator. In the game, you will start as a poor character and the goal is to become rich and live a luxury life. If you have ever played games like From Zero to Hero: Cityman, you will find Hit The Bank: Life Simulator similar.

Hite The Bank: Life Simulator Gameplay

First, you need to create a new character and name it. Unfortunately, the current version of the game does not let you choose genre; female. The only male character is available at the moment. You will start as a teen with no profit and expense.

But you do have some cash in the pocket that you can spend to get home. You are homeless at the beginning and no one will give you a job to a homeless guy. So the first step is to rent a house and then look for the job in the work tab – there are many jobs that you can get without any education degree – but the earnings will be less.

Since you are on the rent, every month, you will need to pay it. So try getting a job asap.

After that, enroll in driving school and complete the course to get eligible for schools or other courses like Vocational School, Accounting courses, etc. For each course, there is a requirement that you must meet.

Also, for each job, there are certain requirements like clothes, home, food, relationship, health, etc.

Try getting a high paying job to become the millionaire. Other than that, the player needs to maintain health and happiness. For health, you can have a team with lemon, visit the gym, buy medicine and there are many options available on the health menu.

For happiness, you can play basketball, have a walk at the mall, go to the cinema, nightclub, and there are many activities available on the happiness menu.


It is monetized by ads and IAPs. Ads – you can watch video ads to maintain the stats or get some cash. IAPs – there are some IAPs that you can avail of for boosters. Although, they are optional and you don’t need to buy them.

Final Verdict

Hit The Bank: Life Simulator is a pretty good game – but it’s not balanced. Health and Happiness drop fast, income from the job would not be enough for paying all the expenses as in the beginning you are limited to low pay scale jobs. Also, to recover health/happiness, you have to spend a lot of coins. All these unbalanced things make you spend real money. So that’s not good for a f2p player.

We would rate it 3/5 stars. If you are looking for life simulation games, then we would recommend trying BitLife or Life Simulator 3 app.

So this would be all in this post on Hit The Bank: Life Simulator game overview.

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