Hunter: Master of Arrows Review – Archero Clone?

Hunter: Master of Arrows is a mobile game by WhaleApp Ltd where you play as an archer and fight the hordes of enemies. Is it worth playing?

Hunter: Master of ArrowsWell, this game is like Archero, which is published by Habby on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Hunter: Master of Arrows is published by Whaleapp ltd, the publisher of the Hidden Hotel game. In this game, you will be playing as an archer and shoot the arrows to slay down the enemies in stages. It’s packed with six chapters as of now. They may add new chapters and stages in future updates. Is it worth playing? Let’s find out in this Hunter: Master of Arrows review.

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You are gonna progress by playing the chapter mode – each chapter with lots of stages that you must complete to progress. The gameplay is similar to Habby’s Archero. Your character stands on the battlefield and attacks the enemies with arrows. You can move him with the joystick – he would not attack while moving. At the start of the battle, you will choose the starting skill.

Hunter: Master of ArrowsSkills give you extra bonuses – for example; poisonous effect, freezing effect, shield, AoE, and there are many skills that you can discover by playing the chapter mode.

Your goal is to complete all the chapters in Hunter: Master of Arrows. It gets difficult as you progress further; so the player needs to make the hunter/archer/character stronger by equipping the powerful tier weapons.

From the chapter stages, you can grind EXP, gold, crystals, etc.


  1. Magical Forest – 50 Stages
  2. Enchanted Forest – 20 Stages
  3. The Lost Tomb – 50 Stages
  4. Mystic Tomb – 20 Stages
  5. Lifeless Stands – 50 Stages
  6. Scorching Stands – 20 Stages

To play the stage, you need energy. The energy in Hunter: Master of Arrows replenish over time.

In-Game Currencies

  • Gold
  • Energy
  • Crystals

Well, you can earn all gold and crystals by playing the game; while progressing through the chapter stages, you will encounter lots of events where you can spin the wheel for rewards like crystals, gold, etc.


Skills are important! Every time you level up while progressing through the chapter mode, you can select a skill – each skill offers different effects – so be careful.


You can spend crystals in the shop to get equipment. Equip the gears and make the archer stronger. You can fuse the equipment, upgrade the equipment with scrolls/duplicate/gold.


Ads and IAPs. You can watch the video ads for the gear chests. IAPs – you can buy crystals with real money and spend on powerful gears’ chests.


We would rate it 3/5 stars. The game is pretty much like Archero. If you are looking for the Archero alternatives, try this one. It gets challenging faster – thanks to the difficulty level in initial stages. You will have to make the character stronger with perks activation, gear set.

P2W – It is a pay to win the game as you can buy crystals with real money and spend on the gear chests and get stronger.

Graphics, animations, sound effects are pretty great.

So this would be all in this Hunter: Master of Arrows brief review. What do you think about this game? Comment below!

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