Hunters & Puzzles Game Is Now Available Worldwide

IGG’s Hunters & Puzzles is a brand new match-3 RPG for mobile where you hunt the monsters and make the hunters stronger for difficult challenges

Hunters & PuzzlesTo be honest, there is nothing new thing in this game as there are loads of match-3 RPGs that are already available featuring the same concept. In Hunters & Puzzles, you follow the same concept of matching the pieces to attack the enemies. It features PvE, PvP arena, building, and guild functions that you will love a lot. Starting with the PvE – which is a chapter-based game mode, you will hunt the monsters, grind EXP, material items to craft weapons, and other in-game currencies.

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Hunters & Puzzles By IGG

The game comes with the story mode, which is unlocked by default. As you clear the chapter 2.1 in this story mode, you will get to play the PvP arena where you fight other player’s hunters. There is a building mode where you can construct a lot of facilities in the village. For example – Cookhouse produces food, the refinery produces gold, you can enhance/craft/dismantle equipment in blacksmith building, and there are many more. The main building is the Hunter HQ that you can upgrade to unlock more functions; for example – Expeditions mode unlock at HQ level 3.

The gameplay is pretty simple – you have hunters with unqiue skills and specific color matching the puzzle pieces on the board. Match the puzzle pieces and attack the enemies. Charge up the hunters’ skills to inflict more damage or help allies during the fight, clear the waves, then the chapter and build the best hunters’ team.

The players in Hunters & Puzzles game can recruit heroes after clearing chapter 1.4.

Complete the tasks, quests, expeditions, and grind rewards. Make the hunters stronger by gearing them up with powerful equipment.

If you love playing match-3 RPGs, you will love Hunters & Puzzles. But, as said above, there is no unqiue concept to brag about. You will find many more games like this on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

So this would be all in this post on Hunters & Puzzles.

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