Hyper Clickers Codes Roblox 2020(NEW!)

Do you want free gems or clicks in Hyper Clickers without cheats? Then redeem all these new working Hyper Clickers codes Roblox 2020Hyper Clickers Codes

Hyper Clickers Codes List

Here’s the list of all new working active Hyper Clickers codes as of 2020: –

  • Pet = Fearless Cat (Pet)
  • Russo = Russo Pet
  • E = Snug Pet
  • Update19 = 1.2M Gems, 1.2M Clicks
  • Update18 = 1.5M Gems, 1.5M Clicks
  • Halloween = 250 Candy
  • Spooky = 1000 Candy
  • Spooktober = 1M Gems, 1M Clicks
  • Scavenger = 2500 Candy
  • 33kFavorites = 1.5M Gems, 1.5M Clicks
  • 5MVisits = 5M Gems, 5M Clicks

Copy Hyper Clickers Codes: –

Spooky” = redeem code for 1000 candy. Released on October 12, 2020


E” = redeem code for Snug Pet. Released on October 12, 2020


“Halloween” = Redeem code for 250 Candy. October 10, 2020


“33kFavorites” = Redeem code for 1M Gems, 1M Clicks. October 10, 2020


“Russo” = Redeem code for Russo Pet. October 10, 2020


“Snuggie” = Redeem code for Snug Pet. October 10, 2020

  • Update19 – Redeem code for 900k Gems, 900k Clicks
  • Update18 – Redeem promo code for 950k Gems, 950k Clicks
  • Spooktober – New code, claim it for 1M Gems, 1M Clicks
  • Scavenger – 2500 candies
  • Pet – Claim this code and receive a fearless cat as a pet for free

Expired Codes

Codes don’t last long – here’s the list of codes that are no longer working in Hyper Clickers game: –

  • Update10 – Released on October 2, 2020, this Hyper Clickers code will give you gems and clicks
  • Update11 – Get 700K gems and 600K clicks by redeeming this new Hyper Clickers code
  • Update9 – Redeem this Hyper Clicker code for 600K Gems and 500K Clicks. Last tried in October 2020.
  • Update8 – Redeem this code for 500K GEMS and 400K Clicks. Announced on September 27, 2020
  • 1MVisits – Redeem this new Hyper Clickers code for 700K gems and 700K clicks.
  • Update7 – Use this Hyper Clickers code for a starting Boost. Announced on September 23, 2020
  • Update6 – Get 200k Gems, 150k Clicks with this Hyper Clickers code
  • Update5 – get 150k gems and 120k clicks by redeeming this Hyper Clickers code
  • 500kVisits –  get 500k clicks and 500k gems by using this code
  • Update4 – Redeem this Hyper Clickers code for 80k Gems, 100k Clicks. Announced on Sept. 18, 2020
  • Update1 – claim this code and receive 5000 gems and 10,000 clicks
  • Release – Use this Hyper Clickers code to get 1000 clicks and 3000 gems instantly.
  • 100kVisits – Redeem this Hyper Clickers code for 100k gems and 100k clicks. Code released on Sept. 13, 2020
  • Update3 – Use this code to get 40k gems and 30k clicks. Code released on Sept. 13, 2020
  • Update2 – Claim this code and get 20,000 clicks and 10,000 gems for free

How To Redeem Hyper Clickers Codes?

On the left-center of the game screen, click on the black color Discord icon and open the code input box. Type an active code and redeem it for rewards. All the released codes are shared above. Redeem them as soon as possible.

How To Get More Hyper Clickers Codes?

We update this list with new codes as soon as the devs issue them. If you want to check them manually, then you should start following the devs’ Discord server. The link to this server is available on the description page of the game on Roblox.

About Hyper Clickers And Its Codes

Hyper Clickers is the latest clicker title on Roblox with classic clicking gameplay featuring the clicking system, upgrades, and rebirth. In this post, we have talked about the Hyper Clickers codes; the list of codes, how to get them, and how to redeem them. Updated with new codes 2020!

Other Roblox Codes: –

Got any code not listed here? Comment!

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