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ID Please game is published by Lion Studios on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. ID Please game was released on January 26, 2020

ID Please GameLion Studios is back with another casual game called ID Please. In the game, you will play as a bouncer of a night club and your job would be dealing with the incomer. It’s you who decide who enters and who does not. Is it safe for a kid? Is it fun? Let’s find out in this ID Please game review.

About The Game: –

  • Name – ID Please
  • Publisher – Lion Studios
  • Release Date – January 26, 2020
  • Genre – Simulation
  • Age-based rating – Teen

ID Please Gameplay –

In the ID Please game, you play as a bouncer of the night club. Your job is to decide who enters and who does not. On each day at the job, the Night Club gives you certain criteria that decide who enters or who does not. However, you can break the rules – but it would cost you a lot. So don’t bother breaking the Night Club rules and decide wisely.

After getting familiar with the Night Club rules in ID Please game, your job will start immediately. To let the people come in, you have to swipe right. To kick them out, you have to swipe left.

Based on the night club’s criteria, you have to make decisions. For example – if it says only white shirt and no drunk, then right swipe for all the no-drunk people wearing the white shirt. And, left swipe for the rest of the visitors.

There are some fun moments that you encounter – like people fighting(tap to break out), bribe(people trying to bribe you for the entry), etc.

If you finish the day job with honesty and complete all the goals, you will get the stars and the money. You can use the money to decorate the character’s house building after the day ends.

And, you can use the stars to buy customizations for the character; glasses, beards, etc.

There are over 50 levels available in ID Please game. On the home screen of the game, in the bottom-right corner, tap the menu button to select the level. If you fail to achieve 3-star at a level, you can play it again.

ID Please Game Monetization: –

It is monetized by the ads and IAPs. Ads – now and then, during the gameplay, you will see loads of annoying ads. Also, you can double the reward by watching the video ad. IAPs – you can remove the ads by buying No Ads pack – costs $2.99.

Is It Kid Friendly?

The game is rated for the Teen category, which means it is suitable for ages 13 or up. There are some drunk characters in the game. Sometimes, the characters fight – so small violence is also there. Bribery – another bad thing that is not good for kids under 13.

ID Please Game Review –

It’s a simple and fun game with loads of levels. The graphics, music, character’s animations, etc. are also good. Although, there are annoying ads that some of you might not like. We would rate it 4/5 stars.

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