Idle Cat Stars Is A New Mobile Game From East Side Game Studio

East Side Game Studio has just released a brand new mobile game called Idle Cat Stars where you are gonna manage Catstagram of the celebrity cats

Idle Cat StarsEast Side Game Studio, the creators of Dragon Up and It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile games, has just expanded the portfolio with a brand new release. Idle Cat Stars is the game that takes you the cat world. You can discover a lot of celebrity cats and manage their Catstagram accounts where you post the updates, get likes, and progress through the quests. There are lots of adorable cats available in the game that you have to unlock!

Idle Cat Stars Game Is Now Available On Google Play Store

If you want to play it now, you can get it for free from Google Play Store – the link to the game is given below. Speaking of the game, it follows the same Idle system – followed by other games published by East Side Game Studio. If you have not played their older games, then here’s brief info –

In Idle Cat Stars, “Like” is the in-game currency that is generated by the cats. You can use these Likes to get more followers. It’s like leveling up the cats. As you gain more followers, you will get more likes. The cats will get sponsors as you hit a certain follower milestone.

You are gonna progress through the quests. Once you complete all the quests of the current day, it will take you to the next day and ask you to the photoshoot. It’s like the prestige function that takes you back to the start and gives premium in-game currencies. Here you get the golden fish/treats and gems that you can use to buy premium stuff.

You can also the managers to automate the process; by default, you have to collect the likes manually. If you hire the social media manager cat, she will do this job for you.

Speaking of monetization, Idle Cat Stars features Ads and IAPs. It’s completely f2p friendly.

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