Best Idle Games For Android/iPhone 2020

These are the best idle games for Android & iPhone iOS 2020 with AFK gameplay, Idle RPG elements, incremental clickers, and hours of daily gameplay

We have been covering idle games for almost a year now. And, today, In this post, we have shared the top best idle games for Android and iPhone iOS – covering idle RPGs, tap-tap clickers, AFK mechanics, etc. All the games listed here offer unqiue gameplay with a unqiue theme. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content.

Best Idle Games Android, iPhone iOS 2020

Following is the list of best Idle games that you can download for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store – featuring the idle RPGs, clickers, AFK-style –

Melvor Idle – Idle RPG

Best Idle Games Android iOS

Melvor Idle might not be a popular idle game – but it definitely worths a try. First of all, it’s completely free – unlike modern money-hungry idle games, Melvor Idle RPG would not force you to pay to progress or win. Second, the game is “really idle”. Third, there are plenty of things to do; grinding the resources, fighting enemies in the dungeons, mastering the skills such as woodcutting, fishing, cooking, mining, farming, crafting, and more. ALL IDLE!

My Oasis Relaxing Idle Game

Best Idle Games

Attention Required: 70%

My Oasis is a beautiful idle game – best suitable for the players who love relaxing and calming games. It takes you up to the sky world where you will be managing the oasis, island, hill, snow village, and much more. Speaking of gameplay, you get a classic idle gameplay experience where you tap on the screen to collect hearts and use them to buy creatures/animals and beautiful items to make the island more beautiful. The music is pretty good. Graphics are superb.

Wizard’s Wheel 2: Idle RPG

Idle Games Android iPhone iOS

Attention Required: 75%

Wizard’s Wheel 2: Idle RPG is published by Iron Horse Games LLC. It plays in landscape mode. The gameplay involves town management, hero management, and battling monsters. You will build the squad of heroes that hunt the monsters in dungeons, loot the materials, and progress further into high-difficult stages. The squad you build continues to fight while you are offline. It’s unqiue, grindy, has decent graphics, and offers hours of non-stop gameplay.

Ulala: Idle Adventure

Idle Games Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 60%

It’s an online idle RPG featuring multiple character classes; assassin, hunter, warrior, and more. You can team up with other players and progress together. The best idle game that we have played so far. Progression is great. There are lots of cool features. The environment is good. Speaking of gameplay, you and your teammates will fight the monsters on the map and loot the currency, gears, items that you can use in building the character. As you progress further, you will unlock the pets, new skills, map, guild function, and much more.

Idle Wasteland

Idle Games Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 65%

Idle Wasteland is a survival RPG where your character battles the monsters in the apocalypse, grind the materials that you can use to craft gears; equip the character high-tier gears, and make him stronger so that you can pass the high-difficulty stages. The character attacks the monster automatically – if you think it’s slow, you can tap the screen and increase the attack movements. There is a prestige system too; that resets the game progress in exchange for unlocking new stuff.

Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG

Idle Games Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 60%

Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG is published by Quest Games Co. Ltd on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It plays in landscape mode where you build the main character by equipping gears and companions and help him in the journey where he will encounter endless waves of monsters and their boss at every stage. It’s easy to play, gives generous rewards, offers PvE and PvP gameplay.

AFK Arena Idle RPG

Idle Games Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 75%

You must have heard about this game – AFK Arena – one of the best popular Idle RPGs of 2020 on Android & iOS. In this idle gacha RPG, you collect the heroes, use them to make the best team possible, progress through the campaign mode stages, and compete with other players in PvP matches. Your heroes will continue to fight the monsters on the campaign battle screen while you are offline. Keep grinding the resources, invest in the top-tier heroes, and dominate in all kinds of game modes.

Tap Tap Dig 2

Idle Games Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 50%

If you like tapping games, then Tap Tap Dig 2 would be the best idle game for you. You will be playing as a miner. Tap the screen to dig deep into the ground and discover new fossil fuels, treasure items. You will earn gold as you dig into the ground. Use gold coins in hiring and upgrading the characters and reach the bottom of the planets.

Never Ending Dungeon Idle RPG

Idle Games Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 60%

Never Ending Dungeon Idle RPG is a quite a new idle game, released in February 2020. In this game, you control a hero who hunts the monsters in deadly dungeons full of treasure boxes and secrets. It offers classic idle gameplay where the hero thrashes enemies automatically – as a player, your job is to unleash his skills, equip the better gears, and make upgrades. You proceed dungeon-by-dungeon and encounter bosses, new enemies, and challenges. If you are looking for an AFK Idle RPG, we would recommend playing this one.

So this would be all in this post on top best idle games for Android, iOS – featuring Idle RPGs, clickers, AFK. Follow us on Twitter for new idle games’ updates.

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