Idle Office Tycoon: How To Get Free Diamonds?

Read on for a complete guide on getting free diamonds in Idle Office Tycoon.

Idle Office Tycoon How To Get Free Diamonds

Idle Office Tycoon: How To Get Free Diamonds?

The purple diamond, the premium currency in Idle Office Tycoon, is tough to obtain. With diamonds, you can buy premium decor objects in the office rooms, EXP/cash in the shop, spins to spin the wheel, and pet food for the pet.

Get Free Diamonds In Idle Office Tycoon By Redeeming The Codes

Developers of the game release new Idle Office Tycoon codes every week; for Android & iOS versions. These gift codes grant 5-15 diamonds and are given away 1-2 times weekly. Follow the game’s FB page or join the group to keep an eye on these gift codes, or you can check the Idle Office Tycoon gift codes here.

Spin The Wheel To Get Free Diamonds

You must have noticed a spinning wheel in your office or the top-right corner of the screen. Tap it. A spinning wheel screen will open with two options; free draw or use purple gems. Use the free draw method; watch a video ad to spin for one time. You may get diamonds or other rewards like a pet, EXP pack, cash, etc.

Daily Free Gift Of Diamonds

In the shop, under the diamond section, you can claim X10 gems daily, every 24 hours. Just tap the + button next to the purple gem currency in the top-right corner to head directly to this section in the shop.

Complete The Quests

Complete the quests, to-do list quests, and weekly activity quests. Tap the fire flame icon to open the weekly activity quest screen. Tap the quest board in the lower-right corner to open the to-do quest screen.

If you are new to the game, make sure to read these Idle Office Tycoon tips for beginners.

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