Idle Police Tycoon Is Now In Out In Beta

Codigames’ new mobile game Idle Police Tycoon is now available in beta on Android. Find out more about in this Idle Police Tycoon game overview

Codigames, the studio behind top-notch idle games such as Prison Empire Tycoon, recently released another great game called Idle Police Tycoon. As of writing this, the game is in beta. You can watch the tutorial gameplay in the below video.

Idle Police Tycoon Is Now Out(Soft-Launch)

Speaking of gameplay, as always, the developers have done a great job. The gameplay is so unqiue – as the title says, it’s about the police-department and crime investigation. You will be managing a police station in the city where people will visit and file the complaint against crimes. You will hire the interns and detectives to investigate the crimes and hand the data over to the police so that they can catch the criminals and make the city safe for the people. There are most wanted criminals who are tough to catch and put behind the bars. You will have to complete certain things before catching these mastermind criminals.

To progress further into the game, you will expand the city map so that you can cover more area. Catch all the criminals in the city and move to another. The gameplay is good, the graphics are as always great – you will love this game for sure if you are a fan of games developed by Codigames. Update – the game is now available worldwide. You can check Idle Police Tycoon tips & tricks here.

So that covers the Idle Police Tycoon game overview. What do you think about the game? Share your reviews and opinions the comments below.

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