Immortal: Reborn Is A New AFK Game For Mobile By Leiting Games

Leiting Games, the publisher of Witch Weapon, Fury Survivor games has announced a brand new AFK game Immortal: Reborn for Android

Immortal: Reborn is an idle game where you choose a character class at the start of the game and start hunting the monsters in AFK battles. At the beginning of the game, it asks to create a character where you choose the class; nobility, merchant, educator, officer, civilian, hunter, and orphan are the seven character classes featured in the game. All these character classes have unqiue stats; power, agility, wisdom, luck, endurance. If you select character class, the game will display its strength in the chart.

Immortal: Reborn Game Launches On Mobile

Immortal: Reborn Mobile GameSpeaking of gameplay, it’s completely AFK. If you love idle genre games, then you should give it a shot. All you need to do is build the character; equip the best gears and fight AFK to the monsters. As you slay down the evil monsters, you will gain EXP and the character will level up.

In the character tab of the game, you can equip the gears, check the runes – runes unlock as you complete the certain quests. On the battle screen, you can watch the AFK gameplay. Head to the world map and check out the quests. Complete them for EXP, coins, and gears.

Immortal: Reborn features a wide range of game modes – but you will have to work hard on leveling up the character to unlock and enjoy all these game modes: –

  • Quick Battle
  • Arena
  • Boss
  • Tower
  • Trial
  • Treasury

You will explore the map to unlock new locations, features like Mine, Tavern. At certain milestone levels, you will be able to learn more classes; gladiator, healer, mage, etc. These additional classes help you during the battle with unqiue skills like inflicting damage, stunning enemies, healing, etc.

Overall, it’s a pretty unqiue AFK idle game – it gets challenging quickly, there are loads of things to do and it works idle; while you are offline, you will still be grinding the EXP.

So this would be all in this post on Immortal: Reborn game overview.

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