Infinity Kingdom Game Overview

Infinity Kingdom is an Android & iOS game, published by YOUZU(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD. Check out the Infinity Kingdom game overviewInfinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom Game Overview⇓

Infinity Kingdom is a mobile strategy game where players are tasked to manage and grow their kingdom. The game is packed with PvE and PvP content and of course has P2W elements, just like other mobiles games(similar to this). What we liked the most; graphics, UI, animations. These things are top-notch. But the gameplay was dull. By dull, we mean similar to other games of this genre; you will focus on the quests, buildings, upgrades, training troops, research, etc.

The characters in the game are called Immortals. You will use them in the fights to beat the enemies. Other activities include daily quests, training troops, making upgrades to the buildings, and keep increasing the power.

Players can join or create alliances for more fun; alliances work like a group of players aiming to develop together. Alliance members can help each other in progress and enjoy free rewards or perks. So do join an active clan.

It’s fun in the beginning but gets quite boring and you tend to lose interest as buildings’ construction time gets longer, progression gets slow and boring. PvP is competitive and has P2W elements. Some players might not like that; players can raid each other’s kingdoms and plunder the resources. If you don’t want to get attacked, you can use the shield, which is hard to get by for free. Powerful players can easily beat low-level players.

Overall, Infinity Kingdom is a decent game; has good UI, animations, and graphics. But the gameplay is not impressive; just like tons of other mobile games. If you are going to start, make sure to redeem these Infinity Kingdom codes and check out the beginner’s guide.

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