Kingdom of Heroes Guide & Tips: Tier List, Reroll, Getting Stronger

Started playing the Kingdom of Heroes? Get started with this Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War guide and tips: getting stronger, tier list, rerolling, and more

Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War guideKingdom of Heroes Tactics War Guide & Tips

This Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war guide covers progression guide, in-game currencies, farming, and tips on getting stronger. Also, it covers the concepts; rerolling, Kingdom of Heroes tier list, runes, combat, etc. So, let’s check it out!


You don’t need to reroll in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War as the game gives you a free 5-star hero right after the start. Well, at least now. The game has just released and if you had pre-registered it, you can claim a 5-star hero select summon chest. Go to the mailbox and receive the pre-registration rewards. It includes a 5-star hero select summon chest. In the same mailbox menu, tap the storage tab and use that chest to get a free 5-star hero right after the start.

Guide To Heroes

Heroes are the main characters in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game. You can get them through summoning. Go to the summon option -> spend the diamonds or scrolls to get the random characters. 5-star, 4-star heroes are hard to get – but they are useful.

Types of Heroes

There are five types of heroes in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game; guardian/tank, fighter/melee-DPS, archer/Ranged-DPS, mage/Ranged-DPS, and priest/supporter/healer. Guardian/Tank class heroes have powerful HP and DEF stats and because of that, these heroes have a high survivability rate. Most of them possess shield and protection skills that could be useful for allies and themselves. Fighter/Archer class heroes excel in inflicting damage. If you want to clear the waves quickly, these heroes are the best to add to the team.

Mage class heroes are also good at causing damage to the enemies; most of them possess CC skills(crown control skills to control enemies). Priest, this class heroes have supportive skills like healing, buffing.

Apart from the classes, they have been classified into a star grade system – one-star to 5-star.

Heroes Element

All the featured heroes and enemies belong to specific elements; fire/red, water/blue, nature/green, light/yellow, dark/purple. Enemies and heroes have elemental relationships. Certain elements have advantages/disadvantages over certain elements. For example – the water element is strong against the fire element. Fire element units have an advantage over nature element units. Nature element units have an advantage over water element units. Light and Dark element units have an advantage over each other.

During the battle, tap an enemy and you will see whether you have an advantage or disadvantage. If you have the advantage, you will inflict more damage. If you have a disadvantage, you will inflict less damage. That’s why it’s better to check the enemy’s element before starting the battle and prepare the team line-up according to it.

Guide To Runes

Tip: – don’t upgrade low-star runes in the early game. As you clear more stages on the world map, you will start getting high-grade/star runes. Also, once you have unlocked the rune dungeon, you can farm the high-quality runes there. The higher the star level of the rune, the more stats it grants to the character.

Use of Runes

Runes are of many types and grant different stats to the character. For example – if you want to increase the character’s damage build score, you will want to equip the rune set that gives more attack/damage to the character. Go to hero -> select a hero character -> rune -> there you can select the runes that you want that character to equip.

Rune Sets

By equipping a certain type of runes to the character, you can activate the rune set bonus, which grants additional bonus stats to the character. Go to hero -> rune -> set effect option in the upper-right side -> check all details.

  • Life runes – increases max HP
  • Charge runes – increases hero’s ATK
  • Havoc runes – increases the hero’s CRI rate
  • Swift runes – increases the hero’s speed
  • Prophet – increases the hero’s accuracy
  • Stone Skin – increases the hero’s defense
  • Resistance – increases the hero’s resistance
  • Vampire – get the ability to recover HP from a portion of damage inflicted to the enemy
  • Revenge – chances to counterattack
  • Earthquake – chances to stun
  • Explosion – increases the hero’s CRI damage

Make sure to equip runes wisely.

Getting Stronger

As the player proceeds through the world map stages or other game modes, the difficulty gets increased. So, it’s better to get stronger as you proceed in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game. In this part, we have shared tips to get stronger.

Level Up Heroes

You can use the EXP fairy or grind world map stages to grant EXP to the hero. EXP fairy can be acquired by completing the main quests, achievements, missions. Go to hero -> select a hero character -> EXP transfer -> use the EXP fairy or heroes that you don’t need.

Except for this method, go to the battle map -> select a stage that you have finished with x3 stars -> repeat it. The heroes that you add in the team will gain EXP as you win in these battle stages. It’s the easiest way to make the heroes powerful in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game.

Upgrade Skill

You will need skill fairy or the identical hero to upgrade the skills. Skills are important – during the battle, with the skills, you can do a great amount of damage to them or enjoy other skill effects. So, it’s important to upgrade them.

We recommend you do the daily missions – complete all the daily missions and you can get free skill fairies that you can use to upgrade the abilities of the main heroes.

Awaken The Heroes

Awakening heroes cost awakening materials, which you can earn from the awakening valley game mode. Go to the battle map -> awakening valley -> there you will find dungeons based on the element – farm awakening materials there and awaken your character to unleash the true potential.


Equip and upgrade the runes. Note – do not waste silver in upgrading the low-star runes. At higher level stages, you can grind the high-grade runes. Or, farm high-quality runes in the rune dungeon. Also, do activate the rune set effects for additional bonuses.

Battle Guide & Tips

To win the battle stages in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War, we have shared a couple of tips: –

First, don’t play auto on the stages that are hard to clear. Manual actions are better than AI moves. Second, get familiar with the heroes that you are using. Make sure that you have full information about their skills. If you don’t know their skill details, it’s gonna be hard to use them efficiently. Navigate to the hero section and select a hero -> skills -> tap the skill icon and get the details.

-> Take elemental advantage. As explained in the heroes guide above, certain elements have an advantage over certain elements. Before commencing the combat, check the enemy’s element and prepare the team based on it for an advantage. For example – if there is a fire element enemy, you can add a water element hero to the team; check all the elemental relationship info in the hero guide above.

-> Buiding the team wisely is another important task. You have fighters that do melee damage, archers for ranged-damage, the priest for healing and supportive, guardian as the tank, and mage for magical damage and CC skills. Go to hero -> section -> codex -> check the complete list of rosters there; you can filter it by elements and roles.

Now, coming to the point; make sure to build the team wisely. Your team should have enough damage power – so must add DPS units. A healer or supporter unit for healing allies. Guardian/tank to absorb the damage and protect other heroes in the team.

Also, in some of the stages, you will be needing CC skills that stun or apply debuffs to the enemies to stop them from being unleashing powerful strikes. Heroes with CC skills would be useful. Check out your hero inventory and read the heroes’ skills.

If you are stuck on a stage, you make changes to the team; like adding an additional healer, removing a healer and replacing with a damage type unit, etc. Do the experiments with different-different heroes’ synergies if you are stuck. Check the tips above to get stronger.

Farming Guide

  • Repeat the battle stages on the world map to farm summon scrolls and runes(you can set it on repeat mode once you have finished it with x3 stars)
  • Rune Dungeon – farm runes
  • Arena – farm honor points and crystals
  • Awakening Valley – farm awakening materials in elemental dungeons
  • The Rift – play general and event stages to farm food heroes(that you can use to develop the main heroes), EXP fairy, silver, etc.

Progression Guide

  • Do the battle map stages and progress through it; you can play those stages in three difficulties
  • Follow the main quests(main menu -> achievement -> path guide -> main quests)
  • Do the daily missions and get free rewards regularly
  • Check out the ongoing events and earn free rewards
  • Get more heroes
  • Play all sorts of game modes; rift, arena, tower, rune dungeon, etc.
  • Join a guild and complete guild missions for extra rewards
  • Do the achievements
  • Join the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War community; on Reddit, FB, Discord to keep an eye on game updates

Kingdom of Heroes Tier List

In our opinion, these are the top tier characters in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War: Ingway, Vivian, Titania, Gabriel(PvP), Esperanza, Hildegard, and Lakshmi.

You can check the tier list here. Also, see – Games like Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War.

Coupon Code

playKOH – use this code in Kingdom of Heroes for a free reward. Go to menu >> account >> coupon code. You can get code updates here.


This is the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War guide for beginners. Share tips and tricks in the comments.

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