Legends of Runeterra Mobile Debuts On Google Play Store

Legends of Runeterra Mobile has just been released for Android on Google Play Store. Read on for Legends of Runeterra Mobile Guide to download & play

Legends of Runterra Mobile APKRiot Games’ Legends of Runeterra Mobile is now available in Singapore Google Play Store. If you are not from Singapore, you can still download it and play it. The Legends of Runeterra Mobile APK is available on the tap.io website. You can download it from there. The APK size is around 80 MB. After downloading the APK, install the game on your device.

Sign in with the Riot Games’ Account or Google Play Games. After that, agree to the terms & conditions. And, after that, it will download the resource file, which is around 200 MB. Once the game is downloaded, tap the continue button and start the battles.

If you are outside Asia, you might need to use a VPN(Tunnel Bear VPN) would be a good choice.

About Legends of Runeterra Mobile: –

Legends of Runeterra Mobile is a strategy card battle game where players clash on the battlefield and you use the champion cards to destroy each other Nexus. Defeating the enemy’s Nexus will give you the victory. When you start the game for the first time, it will drive you through a decent tutorial that guides you to all the basic functions of the game; like card details, Nexus, how to win, how to play cards, etc. You will understand everything in no time – thanks to the amazing tutorial it has.

Smash the enemy’s NEXUS with the top-tier champion cards and get the victory.

Other than the Champions, there are followers that you can use in the battle.

Speaking of the gameplay and graphics, you are gonna love this game. If you love strategy card battle games, then you should give it a shot.

So this would be all in this post on Legends of Runeterra Mobile game overview.

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