Best Life Simulation Games For Android & iOS 2020

If you love life simulation games where you get full control over the character’s life choices, then you must check out these best life simulation games for Android & iOS

We have been covering life simulation games for a while now and you would be amazed to hear that there are a ton of games of this genre that are available to play for free. In these games, players create a customized character, progress through life quests, get married, have babies, earn money, buy and decorate the house, and there is a lot of content that keeps them busy all the time. In this list, we have featured the freemium and premium games that you would love to play; offline and online. We did our best and compiled a list of top-notch life simulation games for Android & iPhone iOS. So let’s not waste any time and find the best life simulation game for you!

Best Life Simulation Games For Android & iOS

Following is the list of life simulation games that you can download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store: –

Citampi Stories: Life Sim RPG

Best Life Simulation Games Android & iPhone iOSCitampi Stories: Offline Love and Life Sim RPG is the best life simulation game on Android & iPhone iOS. We have been playing this game for a while now and it’s been good so far. It starts with a story prologue where you are chatting with the parents; the story is pretty good. Your parents are in debt and they ask you to marry the daughter of the guy from whom they took the loan. According to them, that’s the only way to pay off the debt. And, then they show you the girl’s photo – she does not seem pretty though. Haha!

But, your main character doesn’t want an arranged marriage. The discussion goes on and you come to know that you have 10 weeks to repay the loan. Then the main character makes them believe that he will get the money before the due date. After that, you travel to the Citampi city, look for the job, work hard, make friends, date girls, have babies, and there are plenty of things to do.

You will love the storyline, 8-bit graphics, content, characters, and the whole game!

  • Best life simulation game for Android & iOS
  • Offline, Free
  • Start from nothing, look for the job, earn money, buy and upgrade house/business, date girls to start a relationship, marry, and progress further
  • Great 8-bit graphics
  • Size on Android – 105 MB
  • Size on iOS – 530 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store

BitLife – Life Simulator

Best Life Simulation Games Android & iPhone iOSBitLife – Life Simulator is a text-based life simulation game where you create the character and proceed year-by-year. You will start as an infant, study primary school, then high school, and then university. There are lots of career options that you can pursue to make a living; doctor, CEO, Actor, Adult Filmstar, Dancer, Chef, and many more. Also, you get to date girls, go on hook-ups, marry, have babies, and there is a lot of fun stuff to enjoy. During life progress, you will encounter crazy events that can make you happy or miserable. You will make the choices that will affect the character’s attributes such as happiness, fame, health, and more.

Big City Life: Simulator

Best Life Simulation Games Android & iPhone iOSBig City Life Simulator is another great life simulation game for Android where you play as a guy character and start the journey by doing the small scale jobs. At the beginning of the game, you will acquire a license and a job to earn money. The game tasks you keep the character happy; take care of hunger, energy, and mood. Buy a house, go to the gym, get a high paying job, and improve your bank balance to enjoy the luxurious life. The graphics are good. Also, the gameplay is fun.

Avakin Life – Virtual Life Simulation

Best Life Simulation Games Android & iPhone iOSAvakin Life is a kind of 3D online MMO that gives you the best virtual life experience on mobile. In this life simulation game, players can customize their character; dress up, change outfits, hair, eye color, etc, meet other players, design the house, choose a career; model, fashion star, propose to other players, and get married. You will do the jobs to make money that you can use to shop the items for your character. There are hundreds of customization that can make your character the hottest one on the server.

The Sims Mobile

Best Life Simulation Games Android & iPhone iOSThe Sims Mobile is a popular life simulation game where you create and customize the character and there is a lot of fun activities to do; interacting with the neighbors, organizing the parties, customizing the house, going for the job, marry, have babies, etc. You will follow the quests – there are lots of career choices to pursue; barista, medical, business, law, and more.

So that’s all for now in this post on best life simulation games for Android & iOS. Share your recommendation in the comments.

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