Light of Thel Review – A Great Cartoon-Style MMORPG

Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus is a cartoon-style MMORPG for Android & iOS where you can play as five different classes and enjoy a lot of game modes

So the CBT is over and Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus is now available to download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Is it worth playing? In today’s post, we are going to review Light of Thel MMORPG! So without further ado, let’s navigate to the main content and get familiar with all the basic concepts of this game.

Light of Thel Gameplay

The first thing is to log in to the game with social media or other services like Game Center, Google Play Store, Email. If you played the CBT version, then you will not find the account whether you linked the game to these services to save progress as the CBT version data has been reset. You will have to start over.

And, the next thing is to choose a class; five different classes are available at the time of release and you can pick any of these class based on the gameplay you like. For example; if you are a solo player, then go with a DPS class like Elven Archer, Rune Mage, Shadow Assassin. Other than that, you can select the gender, zodiac signs, costumes on the character creation screen.

The auto-mode unlocks at level 4 – so for the initial few quests, you will have to play the battles manually. You can perfrom the basic attacks and skill attacks to rip off the enemies.

Like all other MMORPGs, Light of Thel also progress through the story mode quests that you must follow to unlock the locked functions. When you reach level 50 of the character, you will get to play the Biography Quests of other character classes that you can complete to unlock them and then you can switch freely between all the unlocked classes.


  • Auto-Battle Mode
  • Skill Building
  • Wardrobe to customize the character
  • Spirit System – battle pets, mount, hatching eggs, etc.
  • Soulstar Cube function to get Soul Stones
  • Streamy Cave mode to grind equipment, Soul Stones, equipment materials
  • Adventure Tome mode to collect diagrams of monsters, sprites, characters
  • Talent – build talent or skill tree
  • Guild Quest mode
  • Demon treasure Hunt mode to kill demons and obtain treasure map
  • Fishing
  • Partner function – marriage
  • Locust Nest mode where you can team up with other players
  • Tarot Challenge to earn Blessing Stones
  • Seal Island mode where you can grow crops, feed livestock and expand the land
  • Forge Function
  • Dungeon Modes
  • Quests

As you level up in Light of Thel, more new functions will get unlocked. Content-wise Light of Thel is pretty good; you can manage own farm, do fishing, find a soulmate, and there are action game modes. It’s a great action-adventure game that you are gonna love!


Light of Thel is monetized by IAPs. It does not have ads. IAPs include the purchase of premium in-game currency crystal, monthly cards, adventurer membership, etc. You can use the crystals in the mall to buy material items, treasure items, premium items like change name card, constellation card to change zodiac signs.

A monthly Card gives you crystals. Membership features two cards; adventurer member card that gives crystals, access to member shop, treasure maps. Fishing Club car gives crystals, offline mode for idle fishing, bait chests, etc. Also, access to the fishing club where you can spend crystals on gift packs.


We would rate it 3.5/5 stars. It has good graphics, loads of game modes to play, fishing system, partner system, farming system, and there are plenty of great things that you will love. There is also an auto-battle mode – you can disable it if you want and fight manually.

It’s pretty much like Laplace M and other MMORPGs with no new things.

Also, we consider it in the P2W category as you can buy stuff with real money and use it to get stronger.

Team battles are pretty good – thanks to the smooth voice chat function.

What’s your opinion on Light of Thel? Share Light of Thel review in the comment section below!

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