Lord of Heroes Guide: Tier List, Rerolling, Tips

Get started with this Lord of Heroes guide that features all sorts of information such as Lord of Heroes tier list, equipment, rerolling, etc.Lord of Heroes Guide Tier List

Lord of Heroes Guide, Tier List, Reroll & Tips

Welcome to Lord of Heroes guide! This post covers in-depth info on heroes or characters, about the best characters, Lord of Heroes tier list, rerolls, and other frequently searched questions like getting stronger, element tips, in-game currencies, equipment, and more. Let’s check out everything!

Rerolling Guide

Unlike other gacha games, the Lord of Heroes game does not have hero gacha – meaning, you can recruit the hero directly with crystals, renown, through hero contracts, and IAPs. Although, it does have equipment gacha. Equipment of up to 6-stars grade can be obtained from the equipment gacha. An x10 pull in equipment gacha costs around x1,500 crystals. And, in the beginning, you don’t have this much amount of crystals. So, we don’t recommend rerolling – it’s a time waste. Alternatively, use this Lord of Heroes code and redeem for the top-tier artifact, replica, and soulstone, 100K gold. Don’t bother rerolling.

Best Lord of Heroes Characters Tier List

Lord of Heroes tier list – best characters: Water Vanessa(can revive allies and provide healing). Krom(Blue, Water) – can apply HP regeneration buff to party members + unleash AoE DMG. Fire Krom is another top-tier character in Lord of Heroes with AoE DMG and high CRIT. Fire Lairei – top-notch character that you get for free for x15 consecutive logins. Lumine(Water) – a great debuffer. Laphlaes(Earth) – DMG, buffs, and stun effect. Nine(Earth) – area damage. Alev(Water) – Area damage. Alev (Fire) – superb skills; DMG. Olivia (Light) – DMG. Johan(fire) – great DMG, fortitude buff that makes him invincible. Rosanna(Dark) – powerful skills. These characters would be at the top-ranks in our Lord of Heroes tier list.

You can check the complete Lord of Heroes tier list here.

Guide To Heroes

Heroes are the main characters in Lord of Heroes. In this part, you will get to know about their elements, classes/roles, and other aspects.

How To Get Heroes

Aforementioned, heroes can be recruited with crystals, Renown currency, by fulfilling their contract, from alliance shop using credits, and by playing the game; continue through the story. Crystals – earn crystals by doing feast missions, from the hall of trials, coliseum, and story missions. Renown currency – obtain it from the battles(story mode stages). Hero contracts – as you continue playing the game, you will get to sign the contract with the heroes. For example – Lairei(Fire Element) is one of the heroes that you can get at the start by logging to the Lord of Heroes game for 15 consecutive days.

To check the precise acquisition method, go to the lobby. Tap the heroes option. Select a hero that is locked -> tap the recruit button to check its source.

Hero Contracts

  • Fire Alev – 3rd/4th Contract
  • Fire Krom – 5th/6th Contract
  • Water Krom – 1st/2nd Contract
  • Earth Laieri – 5th/6th Contract
  • Fire Laieri – 1st/2nd Contract
  • Earth Lucillicca – 1st/2nd Contract
  • Water Lucillica – 5th/6th Contract
  • Water Lumie – 4th/5th Contract
  • Earth Walther -3rd/4th Contract

Hero Classes

In Lord of Heroes, heroes belong to one of these six classes or roles; Guardian(Tank, high DEF, HP). Warrior(Melee, high DEF, fighters, great DMG stats too). Striker(pure damage dealers). Sniper(strikes enemies from the back row and cause great DMG and apply debuffs on the enemies). Cleric(excel in healing and providing a buff to allies during the combat).

In the heroes menu, tap on the hero, and on the lower-right side, you will see its class/role.

Elements of Heroes

Not only heroes but also enemies have an elemental relationship in the Lord of Heroes game. These elements are Red/Fire, Green/Earth, Water/Blue. Light/Yellow, Dark/Purple. In the heroes menu, pay attention to the color of the hero in the bottom-right side.

Certain elements are strong and weak against certain elements: –

  • Red/Fire > Earth/Green
  • Earth/Green > Water/Blue
  • Water/Blue > Red/Fire
  • Light <> Dark

Upon selecting a stage, you tap the ready button -> then go to the region info; check the enemy elements. Based on that, you can select the strong element heroes. For example – if the enemy’s element is blue/water, then you can go with heroes who have Earth/Green element as the Earth element is strong against the Water element.

Tips To Make Heroes Stronger

With battles getting difficult as you progress, you should consider developing the characters that you are using in the team. In this part, we have shared all the ways and tips to get stronger in Lord of Heroes Global: –

Level Up Heroes

Elixir of Insight or EXP bottle is an item that one can use to grant EXP to the hero and raise its level. You can get it from the story mode stages or expeditions or hall of EXP. Alternatively, the heroes that you have in the team gain EXP if you win a story mode stage.

Promote Heroes

Promoting heroes in Lord of Heroes is not easy as you will have to grind a lot of promoting materials such as square stones, triangular stones, round stones, and promotion agate. You can farm all these material items in the story mode; lobby -> world -> select the chapter/stage -> check the rewards; at higher levels, you get better quality rewards. The rewards include Elixir, Renown, Crystals, Equipment set, Promotion Agate, etc. You can repeat stages and grind these items; except Renown, Crystals – as these items are given only once – as a first-time clear reward.

Upgrade Heroes’ Skills

All heroes have active and passive skills. Their performance in the battle can be boosted by upgrading these skills. Navigate to the lobby, select heroes, then select a hero from the list -> tap its skill icon on the lower-right side. It costs soul stones to upgrade the skills of heroes. Read the soulstones guide below.

Equip High-Grade Equipment

Lobby -> heroes -> hero -> tap on the equipment slot -> auto-equip the best available gears. Read the equipment guide below.

Upgrade Gears

Tip – don’t waste resources in upgrading the low-stars gear. Progress as far as you can in the story mode without upgrading gears; you will start getting better gears from the high-level chapter stages. Wait until then. If you are stuck, try changing team combination or getting an elemental advantage. Or level up heroes, upgrade skills – if still stuck, then upgrade the gears.

Ascend The Heroes

Lobby -> heroes -> select a hero -> tap its class icon in the bottom-right corner -> ascend. Ascension gives a massive stat boost to the character. The ascension material the runes; colorless rune, fire rune, water rune, earth rune, light rune, dark rune, and more can be acquired from the primeval halls game modes.

Guide To Soulstones

Soulstones are required to upgrade the skills of the heroes. Based on the hero element, you will need soulstones. Types of Soulstones in Lord of Heroes: –

  • Fire Soulstone
  • Water Soulstone
  • Earth Soulstone
  • Light Soulstone
  • Dark Soulstone
  • Mystic Soulstone

Obtain Mystic Stone by raising the level of the primeval hall.

In-Game Currencies & Items Guide

  • Crystal; first-time story clear reward, chapter quest rewards, complete feast missions, from the primeval halls; hall of trails, elemental halls, hall of darkness
  • Gold – story mode, feast missions, chapter quests, hall of treasure, etc.
  • Equipment – hall of trails, crafting, story mode, expedition, mystic shop
  • Elixir – hall of EXP, story mode, feast, chapter quests, expedition
  • Renown – story mode missions
  • Crafting material – dismantle equipment or obtain from the hall of trials
  • Promotion material – story mode

Equipment Guide

Lord of Heroes features three types of equipment; replica, artifact, and normal. You can craft equipment with crafting materials obtained from the hall of trials or dismantling useless equipment. You can get equipment from alchemy; gacha/spend crystals – also, from the story mode, expedition, hall of trials, music shop.

These equipment include; weapon, armor, gloves, shoes, ring, and necklace. Each one provides different-different stats; HP, DEF, ATK, Speed, etc.

Equipment is available in six grades; 1-star to 6-star. The higher the grade, the more stats it grants.

Equipment Set Bonuses

Equip heroes with a certain number of gears of a specific type to activate equipment bonuses: –

  • Life Set: + 15% HP for each set of x2 items
  • Strength: +15% ATK power for each set of x2 items
  • Defense: +15% DEF for each set of x2 items
  • Precisoion: +12%  CRIT HIT rate; x2 items
  • Efficany: +12% debuff rate; x2 items
  • Resolve: +20% resistance; x2 items
  • Frenzy: +40% critical hit damage; x4 items
  • Shock: +25% stun chances; x4 items
  • Leech: +15% lifesteal’ x4 items
  • Aegis: -15% damage received for each set of x2 items
  • Revenge: +15% counterattack chances; x2 items
  • Pierce: +100% chances to ignore defense; x4 items
  • Healing: heals the ally at the start of turn; x4 set items

Tap on the gear item to check its belonging set. Equipment set bonuses can improve your team performance in the battle.

Progression Guide In Lord of Heroes

  • In the bottom-left corner on the lobby, do the chapter quests
  • Follow the story mode to farm currency and items; repeat for more rewards
  • Join an alliance and earn alliance credits to get specific heroes
  • Play the game modes in primeval halls mode to grind ascension material, crystals, gold, EXP, crafting material, equipment
  • Check the mystic shop daily and grab the good deals
  • Power-up heroes by leveling, promotion, equipment set, upgrading skills, and ascension
  • Dispatch the heroes on the expedition and they will bring rewards(world map -> in the bottom-right; tap expedition)
  • Complete the feast missions
  • Login daily
  • Play coliseum mode and compete with other players for rankings and earn crystals
  • Join Lord of Heroes game community; Reddit, Facebook, and Discord
  • Go with a good balance of team; damage dealers(striker) for more firepower, guardians for the tank, cleric for support. If you want to debuff enemies, add sniper class heroes to the team
  • Experiment with team formation if you are stuck on a level

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So this covers the Lord of Heroes guide and tips for beginners; with other information like Lord of Heroes tier list, rerolling, etc.

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