Magic Revenge Is A New AFK RPG For Mobile

TOJOY has recently released a brand new mobile game called Magic Revenge Mighty AFK RPG where you assemble the team of heroes to fight demons

Magic Revenge: Mighty AFK RPGTOJOY, the mobile gaming publisher, well-known for Zombie Strike game, has added a new mobile game to the portfolio; their new game is Magic Revenge: Mighty AFK RPG. It plays in landscape mode and gameplay is similar to other games of this genre. You will assemble the team of heroes who fight the demons in the PvE game modes and loot the treasure/resources, which you will be using in strengthening the squad.

Magic Revenge: Mighty AFK RPG Is Now Out

There are over 100 heroes to collect in this game. You will get to build up the squad five heroes. Each hero uses different skills and abilities for inflicting damage or assisting the allies. If you are familiar with the games like AFK Arena, Idle Heroes, then it would be a piece of cake to master this game. You will start hunting the demons in the campaign mode and as you level up, the game will open new functions for you. These include alliance, PvP arena, Titan, etc.

As the name of the game suggests, battles are AFK. All you have to do is assemble the squad of heroes and position them wisely so that they can give their best based on the strength they possess. For instance, placing tanks units in the front row help you soak damage and in the rear line, you will be placing the heroes with high DPS or assisting abilities.

The graphics, animations are OK. We have not unlocked all the functions yet – so far, it seems to be yet another clone of games like Idle Heroes, AFK Arena, etc. If you love idle genre games where heroes continue their fight and earn resources for you, then you might like this game.

So this would be all in this post on Magic Revenge: Mighty AFK RPG overview.

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