Mini Tank: Fire Is Now Out On Android & iOS

Mini Tank: Fire is a brand new online multiplayer tank battle game for Android & iOS by Wanda Cinemas Games. Mini Tank: Fire is now out

Bring your tank and unleash the powerful skills to take down the enemy tanks with your teammates. You will be matched with random players in a wide range of PvP game modes; 5v5, 3v3 where your goal would be crushing the enemy’s tank army as soon as possible. Wanda Cinemas Games. the publisher behind Harbingers: Last Survival has just released a brand new mobile game called Mini Tank: Fire on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You will find a lot of new things – it’s different from classic pocket tank battles.

Mini Tank: Fire Is Now Available On Google Play Store & iOS App Store

Speaking of gameplay, it’s pretty intersting. First, you choose the favorite tank at the preparation screen and get ready for the battle. The battle would be turn-based; when it’s your team’s turn, you will get to aim the enemy’s target. And, when it’s the enemy’s turn, you would not be able to move or use the skills. You can move the tank in your turn and unleash the tank’s skills to vanish the enemy’s tanks.

The game gives a fixed amount of time to each team in their turn. You can freely attack any tank you want – since, it’s a PvP team battles, it’s better to co-operate with other teammates and execute the best strategy where you take down the supporter tanks so that they would not heal the attackers.

Mini Tank: Fire features five different tank classes; attackers, disturb, control, support, and special. Each class has its unique characteristics. For example – Control type tanks have CC skills like disabling the enemy movements, applying bleed/burn like effects. You should check the tank’s info on the tank menu and get familiar with all of their skills so that you can use it wisely.

The players can enhance their tanks by using skill MOD, item MOD, leveling them up, having better skins, through upgrades, etc. Everything is great, but it’s pay to win.

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