Mini Warriors 2 – Idle Arena Launches On Play Store

HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited has just published the Mini Warriors 2 – Idle Arena on Google Play Store. The sequel features over 80 legendary heroes and a great Idle system

Mini Warriors 2Mini Warriors, which was released back in 2014, by Triniti Interactive Studios Limited on Google Play Store, has just got a sequel! The Sequel Mini Warriors 2 is published by HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited, the publisher of Utopia: Origin, Hopeless Land games. The size of the game is around 800 MB and you need an internet connection to play it. Let’s learn more about Mini Warriors 2 – Idle Arena.

Mini Warriors 2 – Idle Arena

Mini Warriors 2As usual, the game starts with a tutorial – a cute little knight guides you throughout the tutorial. He takes you to the battle where you have to destroy the darkness for light and glory. The knight himself is one of the troops that you can deploy on the arena battlefield to handle those enemy bastards. You click the troop avatar and place him on one of the empty slots in the formation and begin the battle. It’s pretty basic.

The graphics & gameplay are good – you will love to see those cute little troops attacking the enemies. You can zoom in to the battles, watch them using their skills – classic Idle gameplay. After the battle ends, the game will show you the statistics of damage taken, healing, etc.

It features over 80 heroes – classified into four factions – First Empire, God’s Hero, Avener Soul, and Silver Down. They all have a variety of skills – AoE, Control, Melee, etc.

Like all other Idle RPGs out there, there is an AFK system – heroes in Mini Warriors 2 fight the dark enemies when you are not playing the game and you can claim the offline rewards.

The player can upgrade the heroes with gold and essence. Make them powerful by equipping lots of gears.

If you love playing Idle RPGs and have played the original Mini Warriors game, then you should give this game a shot.

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