Mobile Legends Adventure Game Overview

Mobile Legends Adventure is a mobile game published by Moonton on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Read on for MLA Overview.

Mobile Legends Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure Game Overview⇓

ML Adventure, full name Mobile Legends Adventure, is a different genre game, unlike Mobile Legends Bang Bang, which is a MOBA title. In ML Adventure, you collect and develop heroes, put the best ones in the team, and fight enemies. It has PvE, PvP, and event content that you will enjoy a lot. Speaking of gameplay, it plays in landscape mode and offers idle battle gameplay where you will build the team of best heroes and progress through PvE campaign stages and PvP leagues.

There are hundreds of heroes to collect and develop. Not all of them are great, so you should go through this Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List Guide.

As you progress further, you will need to upgrade the characters and make them powerful so that high-level enemies can be defeated. Team building plays an important role.

The game is fun and good for players who love playing idle games. If you are going to play MLA, make sure to redeem these Mobile Legends Adventure Codes for free rewards.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Game Description⇓

Mobile Legends: Adventure is an epic Idle RPG where all the MLBB heroes reunite. Train your squad of 5 and battle fearsome monsters! Battle your way through Campaign and Tower of Babel! Solve the puzzles of Akashic Ruins and Labyrinth!
Embark on a new adventure on the Land of Dawn!


1. Carefree Idle Gameplay
Idle and battle to get great resources! Carefree upgrades & Relaxing Gameplay
Deploy your squad and heroes will battle for you automatically! Idle to get rewards!
Spend 10 minutes a day and you can join this fantastic adventure!

2. Abundant Strategies to Choose from
Mobile Legends: Adventure offers tens of Heroes of 6 different Powers. Show us your unique line-up and strategy!
Collect and upgrade Emblems and Equipment, suit up and power up!
You can enjoy this game with just a few taps!

3. Endless Stages to Challenge
Campaign, Labyrinth, Tower of Babel…All kinds of battles are waiting for you!
Collect, develop and battle! Power up to challenge stronger Bosses!

4. Challenge Players from Around the Globe
Enter the Arena to challenge other players!
Create a Guild with your friends and challenge Guild Boss together!

5. Unlock the Legend
Start the adventure on the Land of Dawn with Layla, reveal the little-known truth of the history and witness the Eternal War of Light and Darkness!

6. A Licensed Game Based off MLBB
Mobile Legends: Adventure is the official sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
Elaborately reworked Heroes will bring you a different experience in this new Idle game!


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