Monster Frontier Is A New Game From Potato Play

Monster Frontier is a brand new mobile game by Potato Play, the publisher of Merge Quest game. Read on for Monster Frontier game overview

Potato Play, the mobile games publisher, has just released a brand new mobile game called Monster Frontier. In the game, you will be playing as a hero who defends the castle from being plundered by the hordes of monsters, dragons, and evil forces. You will aim and shoot them with the arrows, skills, and take the help of followers. The game comes in a light size package and available for free to download from Google Play Store(link is given below).

Monster Frontier Launches On Mobile

Monster Frontier features multiple game modes; the adventure mode where you progress through the chapters – it has two difficulty modes(normal and nightmare). There is a challenge mode with two sub-modes; material mode to collect the material items. Infinite mode to loot the gold coins.

Speaking of gameplay, In Monster Frontier, you deploy the followers to attack the monsters – and, you play as a hero who can aim, shoot the enemies with arrows. There are skills that you can use for multiple purposes – like AoE Damage, freezing effect, continuous damage, etc. You can get the skills or skill cards from the summon – you can upgrade them to increase their effectiveness. Like skills, you can upgrade the followers and evolve them to unleash their true potential. For upgrading, you will need gold coins that you can grab from the adventure or challenge game modes. For evolving, you will need the follower shards that you can get from the summons.

Other than these upgrades, you can get powerful by equipping the high-tier gears; helmet, bow, armor.

There is also a crafting system that lets you use the material items to forge quality gears. Material items like wood, leather, metal, cloth, jewel can be acquired from the material mode. You can merge these material items to get quality materials and use them in forging gear.

It’s a pretty good and challenging game. If you love simple and challenging games, then you should give it a shot.

So this would be all in this post on Monster Frontier game overview.

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