Moonlight Sculptor Game Overview

Moonlight Sculptor is a new mobile game, released by Kakao Games. Let’s have a look at the Moonlight Sculptor game overview.Moonlight Sculptor Game

Moonlight Sculptor Game Overview⇓

Moonlight Sculptor is an MMORPG, which offers six character classes; up to five classes are available in the beginning, the sixth class is hidden and can be unlocked by completing a certain number of quests. At the start of the game, you will pick one of the five classes or if you want to pick the hidden class, you will have to pick the jobless class. Each class in the game is unique, has a different set of combat and continuous skills, build options.

Speaking of gameplay. In Moonlight Sculptor, you will have a dozen of things to like progressing through the main quests, building up the main class’s attributes, taming pets, crafting equipment, and getting stronger. There is fishing, grinding, fighting enemies, cooking recipes, team battles, solo battles, event game modes, and much more.

In terms of content, the game is very good. You will always have something to do to progress; it’s very grindy. As you level up, you will be able to access more content like more game modes, sculptor pieces feature for more power, pet taming, etc.

If you love playing landscape mode MMORPGs on mobile, you should try Moonlight Sculptor. It has good graphics, great gameplay; grindy, lots of content to enjoy; fishing, cooking, gathering, fighting, etc.

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So that’s all got in this overview. If you are just starting, make sure to read the Moonlight Sculptor game guide, best class guide, and coupons for free rewards, and recipe guide.

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