Mow Zombies Game Review – Survive & Save!

Mow Zombies is a mobile shooting game for Android & iOS. Read on for Mow Zombies game review to find out whether it’s worth playing or not

Mow Zombies Game ReviewMow Zombies Game Review

We have been playing Mow Zombies game for a while now. It features PvE modes where you spawn on a random map and completes the missions; most of the missions would be on killing the zombies. There is a camp function – the house one, where the citizens you save in the stages live and give yellow hearts, gold coins. There are loads of weapons to discover, use, and upgrade. For instance, the gun would be the main weapon, then you have a robot and other gears in the form of secondary weapons to ease the survival. The only character in the game is the girl that you see on the main screen. Weapons are of many types – you will eventually unlock them all as you keep playing the game. The best thing is there is no loot box system to get the guns. You have only one option to unlock them all; keep playing. Let’s dig out more info in this Mow Zombies game review!

F2P vs P2W Review

The valuable in-game currency is the diamond that you can use in replenishing the energy or buying treasure boxes from the store. You can buy it with real money. If you are f2p, you can watch the video ads to buy the treasure boxes – also, you can get diamonds by watching the video ads. In addition to all these perks, you can also utilize diamonds to revive the character when she dies in the battle – f2p players can watch the video ads. Although we had some issues with the Ad-revive method – sometimes, the ad does not load.

Energy – with diamonds, you can replenish the stamina/energy and play the battles. F2P players can watch video ads. Without energy, you would not be able to play. If you have diamonds, you can get energy and start playing. F2P players will have to rely on the video ad method. But, that’s limited to certain attempts. That’s one of its drawbacks.

Of course, P2W players would have an advantage – like most of the mobile games. You can buy diamonds, convert them into gold, and increase the firepower of the gun. F2P players would have to grind gold – but, then there is an energy system that would not allow you to grind tons of times. Note – unlock the house/camp function for idle gold grinding.

Gameplay Review

Mow Zombies feature PvE game mode where you complete the stages and earn coins, weapon chips, EXP to level up. There are hundreds of stages to complete. The starting stages are easy to complete – but, after a stage, you will have to play carefully as you will be facing powerful zombies. Speaking of controls, they are great. You use one-hand to control the character – all you need to do is navigate; dodge, attack, and smash the zombies. As you progress further, you will encounter the boss levels, plot stages where you get huge rewards; could be a gun, crate, citizen, or something else.

You can invest the sum of gold coins in improving the power of the firearms; by making weapon upgrades. In addition to the weapon upgrades, you will have a character talent tree to build where you spend the coins for a passive stat boost.

Apart from the normal mode, there is a drive mode where you control the car and hit the zombies to earn gold coins. The content is good, the gameplay is good.

Graphics Review

Mow Zombies feature decent graphics with great animations of gunshots; laser, flame thrower, scatter shots, etc. Also, the power-ups that transform you into cars, monster trucks! Not the best ones – but worths applaud.

Monetization Review

It’s monetized by ads and IAPs. Ads – revive the character, buy treasure boxes for diamonds, gold coins, weapon chips, energy. IAPs – buy diamonds.

Final Review

We would rate it 3/5 stars. Highlights: –

  • Great gameplay, decent graphics, smooth controls
  • Camp function for idle gold grinding
  • Easy to play
  • Difficulty level spikes later in the game; get ready to watch a lot of video ads and grinding gold to make firearms stronger – could be hard for f2p players
  • Terrible energy system

So this would be all in this post on Mow Zombies game review. What do you think of this game? Share your review in the comments below.

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