Musician Simulator English Version Is Now Out

Cat Games Studio has recently released the English version for the Musician Simulator game for Android on Google Play Store. In Musician Simulator, you will create the music of different genres and sell them to make a living

Musician Simulator Game Is Now Out

Musician SimulatorCat Games Studio, a well-known mobile game publisher, especially known for its creative simulation games, has recently published a new mobile game called Musician Simulator. The Russian version was released a few days ago. Speaking of Musician Simulator game, it’s not a music rhythm type game – it’s a challenging simulator game where you create a customized character; naming him/her, adding a nickname, music idol, age, genre, etc. Also, it gives you a lot of character customization options such as body, hair, clothing, accessory, etc.

It has two game modes; the free mode, which is endless. And, the story mode, which features seven characters. You can play it in several difficult game modes; easy, medium, hard, and hardcore. The higher the difficulty, the fewer perks + more debuffs you get. If you are going to play it for the first time, it’s better to start with easy mode to grasp the basics.

The Gameplay

Once you are done with the character customization and game mode selection stuff, the chapter will start. In each chapter, you will have the main goal to complete; like releasing the tracks, music video, hit song, etc. You will have to make money, gain followers, increase the skills, and there is plenty of stuff to manage. Tapping the home button at the top-center of the chapter goal screen takes you to the main screen.

There are several menu buttons in the footer; character menu where you can check the relationship, business, age, level status. Also, it has two other tabs; musician and skills that display followers, performances, clips, contracts, etc. In the skills page, it displays the mastery of character in various fields.

The second tab in the footer menu is the main page where you can access the options like performance, side job, business, contracts, and musical brand. You can start performing in the street, bar, club – and, as you gain followers, you will be able to perform in the concerts, big cities. The side job gives money. You can hire people and create a music band.

The challenging part is managing the finance, there would be expenses on food, instruments, transport, etc. As you level up, you gain the unit experience – UNIT EXP is required to increase the character skills.


Musician Simulator is a pretty creative simulation game; the concept is unique, it’s not boring, making money and managing the followers, contracts, relationship are some great challenges that you will love to face.

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