My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Overview

MHA TSH, full name My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero is a new mobile game, available on Android & iOS platforms for free.My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero⇓

The game is published by two different publishers; A PLUS JAPAN and Sony Pictures Television. As per our details, the EU version of the game is released by A PLUS JAPAN while NA(North America)/West version is in the hand of Sony Pictures Television. Only the publisher is different, the game’s content like graphics, gameplay, characters are the same. The game is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Below we have shared links to the game: –

First Impressions⇓

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero is a mobile Action RPG; you will control the character with a joystick in the lower left and unleash its skills to defeat the enemy. The skill buttons are present on the lower-right side. If you love action RPGs, you will love its gameplay.

The graphics of the game are excellent, game designers have done a good job in designing this awesome mobile game. Speaking of gameplay content, as a player, you will progress through the story quests where you meet NPCs, fight villains, and earn rewards. The game also features solo, co-op, PvP, times game modes.

There is a dozen of heroes to collect; these heroes are available in multiple grades such as B, A, and S. Once you get a certain number of shards of a particular character, you will be able to use it in the game’s fights/battles.

As you progress further, you are likely to encounter more powerful villains and players. Your job would be to strengthen the team power by making upgrades to the hero characters; train/level them up, unlock and upgrade skills, through chips, talents, support cards, affinity bonuses, etc.

As you level up, new content or features will unlock; for instance, costumes, daily quests, talent system, gear system, chip, etc.

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