Nice City: Drive & Shoot Is A New Mobile Gangster Battle Royale

Nice City: Drive & Shoot is the latest mobile game from Casual Azur Games. Read our Nice City: Drive & Shoot game overview and know how good it is

Nice City: Drive & Shoot

Casual Azur Games, one of the popular mobile game publishers, recently released a new game called Nice City: Drive & Shoot on Google Play Store. This post gives you an overview of this game.


In the game, you will play as a gangster character and compete with other players on the map. The winning concept of this game is pretty much like any other battle royale game – you have to be the last man standing to win the matches. As you spawn, you look for the loot like armor shields, health kits, guns, ammo, and vehicles.

There would be police and other enemies to take you down. To win the battle or become the highest scorer, you will have to eliminate all of them before they knock you off from the map.

Pick the guns and shoot the police and other enemies. Drive the vehicle and run it over the police and other players to score points.

We have been playing it for a while now and loved the concept; gangster battle royale, amazing graphics, smooth controls, and gangster characters. The one thing that might bother you is the ads that pop-out from time to time. You can remove the ads by spending real money. If you are OK with the ads, you can play it for free as long as you want.

If you are interested in the game, you can get it from Google Play Store.

So that’s all in this article on Nice City: Drive & Shoot game overview.

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