No Way To Die: Survival Game Overview

No Way To Die: Survival is the latest mobile game title from OpenMyGame. Find out more about it in this No Way To Die: Survival game overview

OpenMyGame, the mobile game studio is known for casual puzzle games such as Word Search Sea, Word Pizza, Draw and Guess, and more. Recently, they released a new title called No Way To Die: Survival on Google Play Store. As the name of the game suggests, you will be challenged to survive in apocalypse conditions.

If you have played game titles such as Last Day On Earth, Westland, then you can get the idea of what this title offers. In the beginning, you will spawn in an unknown location where you repair and build the shelter. Just like similar games, you will farm the resources like food, materials from the environment, and use in crafting and upgrading.

Once you have collected all the resources from the home area, you can move out to different-different locations on the map and loot the resources from there. The goal is to build a great base and make the character stronger enough to beat powerful enemies. You can craft tools to collect the resources, facilities to make/craft items like firearms, armor, etc.

To level up in this game, you will have to defeat the waves of zombies that appear in the night. Prepare the tools to fight zombies, build a defensive base, and make upgrades because the waves get stronger level-by-level.

In the video above, you can watch its gameplay. Interested players can download the game from Google Play Store. It’s in the soft-launch phase as of writing this.

So that’s all in this No Way To Die: Survival game overview. Share your reviews and opinions in the comments below.

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