Office Riot Is A New Mobile Game From Red Machine

Office Riot is a brand new idle simulator game for mobile by Red Machine. Read on for Office Riot game’s details like gameplay, content, etc.

Office Riot GameHave you ever dreamed of beating your boss? Taking revenge? Well, you might have dreamed of – but you can’t do this in real life as you would not want to lose the job. But, In the Office Riot game, you are gonna smash the boss, punish them, and take revenge. It lets you punish the bosses who ruin your life with boring work tasks. Red Machine, the publisher of Idle Heroes of Hell Clicker and Idle Farming Clicker, has just released the Office Riot game on Google Play Store.

Office Riot Game Launches On Google Play Store

Office Riot game features the idle game mechanics where you will unlock and build the torture places in the office. At these torture places, you punish the evil bosses. The colleagues will help you punish the bosses and make money. You can pump up the torture places and increase the earnings. For the torture places, you will need special items like keyboards, paper clips for staplers, etc. These items are brought by the storekeeper and the porter.

The gameplay is idle – all you have to do is focus on the torture places, automation, hiring employees, and upgrades.

Speaking of monetization, there are ads and IAPs.

You will love watching bosses get punished by the characters in a unqiue way. If you love idle games, you should give this game a shot. The size of the game is around 45 MB on Android and it is available for free to download from the Google Play Store.

So this would be all in this post on the Office Riot game overview.

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