One Punch Man The Strongest Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Get started with this beginner’s One Punch Man The Strongest guide featured with loads of tips & tricks to help you combat powerful enemies

One Punch Man The Strongest Man Guide Tips

One Punch Man The Strongest is a gacha RPG that lets the player build the team of characters from One Punch Man anime series. The game has a lot of variety of game modes including classic PvE and PvP. If you are new to the game, then this One Punch Man The Strongest guide will help you steer in the right direction – progress fast and wisely. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

One Punch Man The Strongest Guide, Tips & Tricks

This One Punch Man The Strongest guide covers the core aspects of the game such as combat plan, character building, in-game currencies, game modes info, and much more.

The Initial Rerolls

Players can have a head start by rerolling for an upper-tier character; SSR and SR. Rerolling in One Punch Man The Strongest is quite a long process; if you are willing to spend 30-40 minutes, then we would recommend going for it. If not, then continue enjoying the game as you will have a lot of many other options to get the characters. Here’s the reroll guide –

Reroll Guide

Introduction: -In One Punch Man The Strongest, you need Elite Vouchers or diamonds to summon/recruit the characters. To summon/recruit x10 characters, you will need x8 elite vouchers. In this rerolling process, we recommend recruiting x20 characters and hope for SSR and SR characters.

Guide: – the very first thing a player has to do is complete the tutorial, and, then claim the pre-registration packs from the game’s mailbox. As a pre-registration reward, One Punch Man The Strongest game gives you three chests; one of these three chests contain x10 elite vouchers – but, it would be locked until level 20. So, what we recommend is to reach level 20 in the game (do the exploration/street/main stages and daily quests). By then, your account would have enough diamonds and elite tickets to summon/recruit x10 characters – 2 times from the “recruit” menu of the game.

Rerolling: – if the player has obtained good characters from the summon/recruitment, then continue playing the game. If not, then log out from the current game account and use another account to start another game. To do that, you will tap the player avatar in the upper-left corner and choose to switch the account. Or, if you have used the guest account, you will clear the app data(reset) and start from scratch. Additionally, you can switch servers as the game does not share one server progress with another server – no matter what account you are using.

Reroll Tier List

Who to reroll? There are amazing characters that can steer you to the end game without any hassle. Our recommendations: – Amai Mask(SR Unit), Terrible Tornado(SSR Unit), Atomic Samurai(SSR), Carnage Kabuto(SSR Unit), Child Emperor(SSR), Tank-Top Master(SSR), Deep Sea King(SSR), Subterranean King(SSR). For more info, you can read this One Punch Man The Strongest Tier List.

Gear Guide And Tips

The best way to raise BP in this game is by equipping gears. Gears grant massive amount of BP. At level 31 in One Punch Man The Strongest, you will unlock the gear system. And, there are several ways to get gears; do the missions, conquer challenges, and the shop. After level 40 in the game, you should be getting the blue gears; blue gears are better than the green gears. Initially, you can use the green gears – then, blue gears. At this point, you can dismantle the old/useless green gears.

Activate Gear Set Bonuses

If you fill all the gear slots of the character with a specific set, you will activate the set bonus effect that grants bonuses. Here’s the list & info: –

Swordsman Gear Set

This set helps you unleash extra damage (10%) every time an opponent is attacked. Stacks 3x times. Best for: –

  • Child Emperor
  • Atomic Samurai
  • Groribas
    Vaccine Man
  • Terrible Tornado
  • Geryuganshoop
  • Subterranean King
  • Golden Ball
  • Hellish Blizzard
  • Kombu Infinity
  • Mosquito Girl
Gangster Set Effect

This set is suitable for DPS characters like Atomic Samuari.

Lightning Gear Set Effect

This set is suitable for the characters that excel in inflicting damage to the column area.

Prisoner Gear Set

This gear set is suitable for the characters that excel in inflicting CRIT Hit. Example –

  • Terrible Tornado
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner
  • Amai Mask
  • Beast King
Battle Gear Set

This set is suitable for the characters with high block rate stats.

Casual Gear Set

10% Recovery per action.

Formal Gear Set

This set lets you inflict the debuff that you have -> to the target’s column. Best suitable for –

  • Child Emperor
  • Speed-o-sound Soni
  • Deep-Sea King
  • Groribas
  • Subterranean King
  • Geryuganshoop
  • Vaccine Man
  • Kombu Infinity
Suit Gear Set

This set increases DMG reflection + heals 10% HP after every action. Best for: –

  • Carnage Kabuto
  • Deep-Sea King
  • Superalloy Blackluster
  • Melzargard
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner
  • Tanktop Master
  • Smile Man
  • Hellish Blizzard
Primal Gear Set

This one offers the same effect as offered by the lightning skill + additional damage to main target.

Martial Arts

This set increases ATK. Best for the attackers.

Monk Set

This set increases speed. Best for – Child Emperor and Speed-O-Sound Music.

In-Game Currencies & Items

One Punch Man The Strongest game features a lot of currencies in the game that you will be needing to shop items or grow characters.


The gem is the most valuable currency in One Punch Man The Strongest. Players can get “free gems” by completing the daily quests, main quests, sub-quests, story quests, growth quests + from daily sign-in rewards + binding email(event -> bind email – x100 gems) + from gift codes + by completing the beginner’s guide quests(tap Saitama icon on the screen to check guide quests) + sharing/inviting (tap the FB/Community icon in the bottom-left side)  + by completing the chapters or from the map chests.

Players can use gems to buy elite voucher tickets to recruit the characters, stamina, character shards, and other items in the game mall/shop. And, at last, by spending real money.


The fund is the paid currency. You can not earn it by playing the game. You can get funds by spending real money.


Obtain from coin challenge, quests, from the stages. Use in character upgrades.

Gene Coins

Obtain from Institue of Genetics. Use in the mall to shop items.

Honor Coins

Earn by playing the arena mode.


There are mainly two types of vouchers; Elite Voucher and Epic Voucher. Elite Vouchers are used in Elite Recruit. And, Epic Vouchers are used in Epic Recruit. You can obtain the vouchers from quests, events, gift codes, daily sign-in, binding email, from online perks, by defeating enemies on the exploration map(event bandits).

You need vouchers to summon/recruit the characters.

EXP Soda & Bottles

You can obtain these items for the EXP challenge or quests or by clearing/sweeping the stages. To level up the characters, you will need these EXP items.


Medals are required to evolve the characters. A character will need specific types of evolution material items that you can acquire by playing the stages on the map; different stages drop different types of material items.


Badges can be obtained from the boss challenge modes. To limit break the character, badges are required. Limit Break the character to raise its stars level and base attributes.

Skill Points

Skill Points are required to level up the character’s skills. These points can be acquired from the training(characters -> skill -> get).

Characters Guide

One Punch Man The Strongest Man Guide TipsOne Punch Man The Strongest feature most of the characters from the anime series. You can check the complete list of characters in the album menu of the game.

You can get the characters from the “recruit” menu or several characters can be farmed from the story mode; their shards can be obtained from the quests or events or gift codes.

Making Characters Stronger

  • Level them up
  • Upgrade their skills
  • Evolve
  • Limit Break
  • Equip gears
  • Upgrade gears
  • Activate gear set effects

Character’s Faction

  • Grappier
  • Duelist
  • Esper
  • Hi-Tech

Having a certain number of characters from a certain faction in the line-up formation can help you activate the core skills.

Battle Formation And Guide

By level 26 in the game, you will have six slots for the characters in the lineup. Go to characters -> line-up -> there you can change the battle formation; place characters with high-defense in the front and damage type characters in the back row. Or use the quick deploy button. Or, based on the enemy or character skills. To build the best formation, you must read the character’s skills and role. Go to the album -> select the character -> info -> there you can check its role and skill info. Several characters excel in inflicting DMG to back-row enemies, some provide buffs to the allies, some unleash the debuffs like stun effects, etc. Based on the skill you need to stop the enemy, use that character/hero.

If you add a certain number of characters from a certain faction, you will activate the core skill buff. Also, you will be able to unleash Satan’s skill when the gauge fills up.

Progression Guide

In One Punch Man The Strongest, players should follow the main quests in the early game; level up and unlock the locked content; game modes. Then, farm/grind in those modes to grind material items and develop the characters.


Do the main quests, sub-quests, growth quests, etc.  Do the daily quests to level up fast.


One Punch Man The Strongest Man Guide TipsGo to the exploration map -> you can move the character to the stage locations; the stages can be played in normal and heroic modes. You can even repeat/sweep these stages to grind stuff.

Also, keep an eye on the exploration map to get mystery items/chests.


Join a club and do the quests for more rewards.


Fight other players and increase rank + earn honor currency that you can use in arena shop for character shards and vouchers.


You can earn a bunch of rewards like epic vouchers, gems, material items by playing the challenges.

So that’s all in this One Punch Man The Strongest guide and tips for beginners. Share your tips & strategies in the comments.

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