Best Otome Games For Android & iOS 2020

Looking for the Otome games featuring great romantic storyline and cute characters? Read on for the list of best Otome games for Android & iOS 2020

We have been covering mobile Otome games for a while now and going to share a list featuring the top-notch Otome games that you would love to play on mobile devices. In these games, you will be playing as a female character who embarks on an adventurous journey and interact with the attractive male characters and build up a romantic relationship. These games are specially designed for the girls and feature dating sim chat stories that excite you, features choice-based mechanics, beautifully designed male characters, and great plots. So let’s not waste any time and find the best Otome game!

Best Otome Games For Android & iOS

Following is the list of best Otome games to play on Android and iOS devices –

Love Triangle – Free Otome Game

Best Otome Games Android iPhone iOSSummary & Content – Also known as Hot Roomies, Love Triangle is a popular Otome game available for free. At the start of the story, you come to realize that you can not move in with your friend as her boyfriend wants to move in with her. Now, you are alone and have to find an apartment and a Rommie. On the last day of graduation, you meet this handsome guy who is also looking for an apartment. You have a little chat with him and then you both decide to look for the apartment together. Fast forward; you are gonna be a roommate with the two hotties and proceed with a great storyline.

Ikeman Vampire Otome Game

Best Otome Games Android iPhone iOSSummary & Content – Ikeman Vampire is a popular Otome romance game where you date gorgeous men. For each character in the game, there is a unqiue storyline where you make the choices, interactions, and meet the endings. You proceed through the chapters and follow the storyline in cutscenes, chatting, and interactions. Other than that, there are side stories and events to play.

  • Among the best Otome games on Android & iOS
  • Size on Android – 85 MB + Patch(Varies)
  • Size on iOS – 225 MB + Patch(Varies)
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store

Otome Game: Ghost Love Story

Best Otome Games Android iPhone iOSSummary & Content –  Ghost Love Story is another one of the best Otome games on Android. You just got a job as an assistant editor and meet a handsome guy at the office and have little chat. His looks are great, you like him, and he is gonna train you for the new job. After that little fling, as a player you realize that the main character had a friend who died a few years ago in an accident. You loved him! As you proceed through the storyline, the game gives you a glimpse of that accident – that’s the plot scene where your old friend come again to your life as a ghost. Are you gonna make love to him or the guy at the office? Find out by downloading this great Otome game.

High School Love

Best Otome Games Android iPhone iOSSummary & Content – High School Love is another great Otome game on Android that sets on the campus. You will be playing as a high school girl and get the opportunity to fall in love with two charming handsome guys at the music school; one of them is genius while the other one is shy but more handsome. You get to interact with both the boys and make choices; are you gonna fall in love with the strict and cellist guy? Or the one who is warm and popular? The game has a great exciting drama story that you would love for sure.

Love Dating Story

Best Otome Games Android iPhone iOSSummary & Content – Love Dating Story – The Otome game features attractive characters and storylines where you are friend with a charming doctor. Everything is working fine – you two are in love, the life is going on smoothly – but, suddenly, you encounter a young captain named Si-Jin who is also a charming, attractive, and funny guy. You find him lovely – but, your current boyfriend does not seem OK with your gestures. Is he gonna break up with you? Are you gonna save the currently established relationship or is the young captain will be the next one holding your hand? Find out by downloading this great Otome game on Android.

So that’s all for now in this post on the best Otome games for Android & iOS 2020. Share your recommendations in the comments. We would love to add that Otome game if it suits this list 🙂 Have a great day! Also, share your feedback on this list in the comments. Do you like these games or not?

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