Outlander: Fantasy Survival Launches On Mobile

Outlander: Fantasy Survival by XTEN Limited is now available on the mobile app store. Read our Outlander: Fantasy Survival game overview

XTEN Limited is known for Chess Royale and The Last Stand game. Both these games have surprisingly outstanding graphics and offer decent gameplay on mobile devices. The company recently released a new mobile game called Outlander: Fantasy Survival on Google Play Store. As the name suggests, it’s a survival RPG. If you have played games like Last Day on Earth, Westland Survival, Mutiny a Pirate RPG, then you can guess what this game brings on the table. Well, unlike these games, Outlander gives you a next-level 3D combat experience. It’s not great like LifeAfter – but, worth the applaud.

Outlander Fantasy Survival Is Now Out

As of writing this, the game seems to be available in certain regions. Here’s a short overview – It takes you to the fantasy world where you find yourself alone and miserable. In the initial phase, you will craft an AXE by gathering the resources from environment; wood, stone, etc., and move to a different area where you will have to save a girl kidnapped by stupid goblins. The quest story-line is pretty good; the cinematics, challenges, and progression.

As you go further into the quests, you will be building the facilities like storage chests, campfire to cook recipes, a garden bed to plant and harvest crops, workshop, loom, furnace, and all sorts of facilities that make your survival easy.

The controls are pretty smooth and the graphics are surprisingly amazing. The total size of this game app is around 620 MB(60 MB APK + 500MB ~ OBB). And, you will need to be online to play it – it requires an internet connection.

If you are interested in the game, you can download it from Google Play Store.

So that’s all in this article on Outlander: Fantasy Survival.

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