Pirates & Puzzles Is A New PvP Match-3 RPG For Mobile

HeroCraft has just released a new match-3 RPG Pirates & Puzzles featuring PvP sea battles where you build the attack and defense for the ship to win matches

Could you have ever imagined sea battle gameplay in the match-3 RPG genre? Well, thanks to HeroCraft, you can now experience the sea battles in one of the classic game genres. Pirates & Puzzles has brought a unqiue approach in classic match-3 RPG where two players build the attack and defense power for their ships to win the sea battles. In most of the match-3 RPGs, you have heroes of a specific color, then you match the same color tiles, inflict damage, charge up skills, blah blah blah!

Pirates & Puzzles PvP League Gameplay

Speaking of gameplay, you will join with another player in a PvP match. The game gives you a fixed amount of time to build the attack and defense power for the ship. The defense is important as your ship will be able to soak more damage from the enemy. As long as you have the defense, your ship would not lose the HP. And, the attack is important; the higher the attack, the more damage you can cause to the enemy’s ship.

To build up the defense and attack, players match the tiles; there are attack tiles to build the attack power, defense tiles to build the defense power. In each round, you get a few seconds to build the score; after that, your ship and the enemy’s ship clash and based on the score, the best one will have the lead. The gameplay is good.

The battles give you EXP, ranking points, and the chests. As you level up or gain ranking points, you will be able to participate in high-difficult PvP League.

Building the ship is another one of the core concepts in the Pirates & Puzzles game. You can upgrade the ship with the resources and improve its stats. Other than that, you can build new ships, join the clan for epic clan wars, and there are plenty of exciting things to come. As of now, the game is in beta.

So this would be all in this post on Pirates and Puzzles game overview.

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