Plague Days Game(Last Days Motel) Debuts On Google Play Store

Plague Days game is published by Brilliant Games Private Ltd. on Google Play Store. It’s a survival game where you play as a survivor and complete the challenging missions

Plague Days GameLast Day Motel is available on Steam – if you are on Android, you have got Plague Days game. Released on March 5, 2020 – the Plague Days game lets you experience the amazing survival gameplay on the mobile device. If you have played games like Last Days on Earth, Westland Survival, you are gonna love this game.

Plague Days Game(Last Days Motel): –

It starts with a story where you get to know how the world got trapped by the Plague. You are in the Motel with other characters/survivors and the objective is to survive, hunt the resources, and build all the essential facilities at the Motel. For example – Pump to increase the water stock, Forging Table to make Equipment, Med. Lab to make pills, Stove to cook recipes, etc.

The four characters in the game are Ethan, Amilia, Charles, and Kelly. You can play as any of these characters and start Expedition. Visit the numerous locations on the map, find the resources, hunt the creatures, return to Motel and build the facilities.

At the Motel, you control a guy in the wheelchair and access the facilities like a forging table to make equipment. For each task, you can use one of the four available survivors or characters.

There are a bunch of resources that you will need now and then in the Plague Days game. For example – food, water, energy, Gasoline, etc. Food is the cost on the meal. Water is required for doing work – for example – if you wanna destroy the pile of junk on the Motel, you will need Water. Energy for offline machine’s Kernel. Gasoline for Expeditions.

For beginners, we would recommend checking the missions in the top-right corner. You just follow the green footprints on the screen and complete the tasks. There is a virtual analog key to control the characters.

Graphics: –

The graphics are pretty great – just like the Last Days on Earth – top-down perspective view.

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