Pocket Politics 2 Launches On Google Play Store

Kongregate’s Pocket Politics 2 game has just been released for Android on Google Play Store. Pick your political party, get funds from donors, start the campaign

Pocket Politics 2, the sequel to hit idle game Pocket Politics, has just gone live on Google Play Store. In the game, your goal is to become the most powerful person in the world. At the start of the game, you will choose the party; liberal and conservative are the two choices available. After that, you will loot the money from the donors for political interests and use it for campaigning. You will hire the candidates for campaigning, doing rallies, short-term bonuses, donations.

Pocket Politics 2 Launches On Mobile

Speaking of gameplay progression, there is nothing new. If you have played games like Gang Goes Mobile, Bud Farm, you will find it pretty similar. But because of the unique theme, political concept, it stands out from the crowd. You will grab the money from donors set in the city to donation booth – and, from there, you will supply the money for campaigning, making upgrades and increasing the donation amount. In the city, you will be building the sources of donations like a trailer park, hipster joint, farm, etc.

Progression; In each city, the game gives you certain tasks that you must finish to progress to the next city. As a reward, you get digs, Quacks, Candidate Characters, Managers, their cards, and in-game currencies. Managers help you collect the money from the donors while you are away. You can upgrade them with Digs.

So this would be all in this post on the Pocket Politics 2 game overview.

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