Potion Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures Game Overview

The sequel to hit time-management game Potion Punch is now live on Android and iOS. Let’s have a look at Potion Punch 2 Game Overview

Potion Punch 2Monstronauts Inc., the developers & publishers behind the hit time-management game called Potion Punch has just released the game’s sequel on iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. If you have played the original version earlier, you can expect a lot more from the sequel Potion Punch 2. The sequel comes with amazing new features & challenges that test your time-management skill. In today’s post, I’m going to share an overview of this amazing game called Potion Punch 2. So let’s get started without any ado!

Potion Punch 2 – The Time-Management Game

Potion Punch 2In Potion Punch 2, you serve the patrons/customers who visit the shop now and then. The game tasks you fulfill their orders before they start getting angry – if they get angry, you would not get anything! Like the original game, In Potion Punch 2, you craft the potions and other recipes such as a red potion, blue potion, daggerfish, etc. All you have to do is drag & drop the ingredients to the potion bottle or grill.

And, then give the finished item to the customer for coins, XP and other rewards. You will start the journey from Peakwood Potions town that has over 40 levels with increasing difficulty – completing all the goals for three-stars is challenging and super fun.

Other functions include upgrading the shop items, adding furniture items to the shop, etc.

Patrons, Workers, Host A Party

These three are the unique features in Potion Punch 2.

Patrons are the characters who visit the shop – you can upgrade these Patrons to get more rewards, increase their waiting time and for many more buffs. It costs tokens and gold tokens. You can get the tokens by hosting a party – invite Patrons to the party! Hosting a party costs gold coins or you can watch the video ad.

Workers help you with their abilities. For instance, Lizzie, the worker stops the dragon from burning the Daggerfish.

New Patrons are obtained by hosting the parties. And, for workers, you must reach a certain town level. As you play through the level, you will get the EXP that raises the town level. For example – Peakwood Potions town, Eversand Enchantments.

Is It P2W? Is It F2P Friendly?

Well, yes to both these questions. You can purchase the in-game currency coin and gem with real money and max out all the upgrades to complete the levels easily.

However, as a F2P player, I would say that this game is F2P friendly. You can earn the coins easily by repeating the easy stages and complete the quests for gems. You can complete the stages with a three-stars milestone without spending a penny. Also, it lets you double the rewards by watching a video ad.

In comparison to the original version, this one is really good when it comes to UI, smoothness, characters, quests, challenges, etc. It’s addictive, engaging, and you will enjoy it a lot if you love time-management games.

Download Potion Punch 2 For Android and IOS

Download Potion Punch 2 from Google Play Store – Here. For iOS, – Here.

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