Prison Empire Tycoon Prisoner Needs & Stress Level Guide

Fulfilling the prisoners’ needs in the Prison Empire Tycoon game is a must. Read this Prison Empire Tycoon Prisoner Needs and stress level guide for beginners

Prison Empire Tycoon Prisoner NeedsReforming the prisoners is not quite easy – you must fulfill their needs so that they can live peacefully and don’t start the riots. If you fail to fulfill their needs, their stress level will increase and you will have trouble – riots might start and guards might get injured. If you are new to the game, you might want to know the basic needs of the prisoners. Let’s check the main content –

Prison Empire Tycoon Prisoner Needs

The six basic prisoner needs are; food, hygiene, entertainment, health, security, and comfort.

Food – The Basic Need

Prisoners can’t survive if they don’t get food. They will start fighting if they don’t get food on time. To arrange the food for them, the player needs to hire the chefs or cook employees + upgrade the kitchen and its appliances + improve the dining hall facility. In the upper-left corner, tap the activity icon(i) and check the mealtime – this is the time where prisoners will visit the dining hall and eat meals.

Hygiene – The Basic Need

Hygiene is also important – if the prisoners don’t get clean uniforms, environment, toilets, bathroom facilities, they will get angry. So, as a player, you must hire janitors to clean the uniforms. And, improve the laundry room, toilets, and bathroom/shower facilities.

Entertainment – The Basic Need

Entertainment is another basic need of prisoners in the Prison Empire Tycoon. They will get bored if you don’t provide them the entertainment facilities in the prison. Install a TV in the dining hall, bookshelf/radio in the prison cells, improve prison yard where prisoners spend time during the outdoor activity.

Health – The Basic Need

Prisoners might lose health during the activities – hire doctors and build infirmary so that they can get treatment on time.

Security – The Basic Need

Security is important. Riots might occur if the security level is low. Hire guards and improve the guard’s room to increase security.

  • Some character cards can improve security with passive abilities

Comfort – The Basic Need

Discomfort might make the prisoners angry or annoying. Build beds, light, and desk in the prison cells to improve comfort.

We hope you now understand the Prison Empire Tycoon Prisoner Needs.

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