Prison Empire Tycoon Special Prisoners

Confused about special prisoners? Read this Prison Empire Tycoon special prisoners guide for beginners and get familiar with them

Prison Empire Tycoon Special PrisonersPrison Empire Tycoon Special Prisoners

Special Prisoners in Prison Empire Tycoon are sent by the state to prison randomly. Some of them can be discovered in the events. Unlike the normal prisoners in Prison Empire Tycoon, special prisoners give you more money, But, they can increase the chances of starting a riot in the prison. Each special prisoner in the game has special debuff stats that are applied when they enter the prison.

There would be a red color skull icons on their heads.

Lower-right corner -> tap prisoner button -> red skull button -> special prisoners list -> check the symbol to know the negative effect they have brought to the prison. For example – if it’s bread, then it means that that special prisoner is hurting the hunger level of the prisoners. If it’s a shower symbol, then it means that that special prisoner is hurting the hygiene bar/stats/level of the prisoners.

Based on the negative effect, you will have to make improvements. For example – food/hunger level – improve kitchen(stove, fryer), hire chefs/cooks, upgrade dining hall, etc.

If you don’t know about the symbols, then we would recommend you to get familiar with them right now. Read this guide –

Summary – special prisoners make you more money than normal prisoners. But, they bring negative effects on the basic needs of the prisoners. You need to improve the prison based on the negative stats they bring. How to discover – keep playing the game, events, move to new prisoners – and, you will eventually discover all the special prisoners.

We hope now you understand the Prison Empire Tycoon special prisoners.

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